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It's Good to Be Busy

I needn't tell you that I've gone back to the old template for my post as you can plainly see that for yourselves. Would you like to know why? Of course you would! It was just plain too hard to go back in time, not only for readers, but for myself as well. We've discussed in the past how this blog is great for me to keep track of my own life. Like, what the heck were we doing back in May 2009. Although the new template was snazzy and all, I did not find it nearly as useful. So now you know.

Some people, including my husband right now, think too much business is a bad thing. From someone who couldn't do much of anything for six weeks, I can say from experience that being able to stay busy is a good thing. This weekend did not disappoint.

Bruce arrived home around dinner time on Friday night to a tidy house. After blogging Friday afternoon, I at least cleaned the pool which improved Bruce's window view dramatically, if only for one day. My nemesis, those pesky squirrels continue to drop seed pods into the pool like nobodies business!  Bruce, the loving husband that he is, even after traveling all week, invites me on a date when he returns. We hemmed and hawed a bit before I was able to convince him that staying home was fine by me. I cobbled together a little dinner, we watched a little college football and called it a night.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head out to Winter Garden. I needn't have bothered. Sales were once again dismal and I mean DISMAL! Before Matt left he worked hard to convince me I was wasting my time there, however, being an optimist I always think maybe this Saturday there will be a breakthrough. Some folks might call me just plain silly and they might just be right. Nevertheless, the annual Winter Garden Christmas parade was held on Plant Street at 1:00 and I scooted over for a gander. Very sweet with large crowds assembled curbside. There's just something about a small town that's very appealing.
There were dancers,
and floats,
and more floats,
with children being a bit of a constant theme. Loved this Brownie one, having once been a Brownie myself:
So, it was cute and old fashioned and I liked it. This got me wondering if anyone I know has ever been in a parade before. I sure haven't. On my way home I saw one of those yards, except this time there were two lots, wherein they go completely overboard with Christmas decorations. I tried my best to get it all in two shots but you know what? That didn't work. Here's the approach shot:
The main house section completely covered with a small nod to the Holy Family:
Santa and Frosty are certainly well represented. Apparently, not one to leave any area untouched, the final image:
It makes one wonder how many years it took to amass all this. Then too, where does one store it all? Keep it all lit? I'm just saying.

So after a short while at home to lick my wounds, off we went to the Russell Home thrift store to get our tree. I suggested Baxter might want to join us much to Bruce's surprise. Within minutes we picked out a little cutie and headed home.
The photo above is taken with my phone--still working on that.

Bruce immediately got to work putting it in the stand. While we were driving home I remembered that it was I who got our tree and put it up by alone last year. I'm still wondering why that was the case but now I no longer need wonder. I can just click on December 2010 and find out!

Speaking of last Christmas I, of course, had forgotten this lovely angel mobile Tom gave us last year. I was delighted when I found it in the Christmas boxes. Bruce is working his magic on the mantel; he's much better at that sort of thing. I put the lights on the tree, not very well, but they are on there. Then it was off to a party at our former neighbors Chuck and Zoila's new home. My, oh my, what a home. HUGE. Compared to the one they left? From like 2,000 sq. ft. to 4,200!!! They've got two little boys you know. Actually, they purchased a foreclosure property which could never be rebuilt for what they paid. Chuck was our across-the-street neighbor for about 10 years before he finally married a lovely young woman six years ago. I wish they'd have stayed across the street--it would have been fun to watch those little ones grow up.

And then it was Sunday. You know what Sunday means, set up, sell, take down. Used Square--indeed, albeit clumsily. I'm getting the hang of it and people love it. The young people are more than happy to help, including this girl:
Showing off the prime lens I am. I love that lens--some of the best money I've spent on my photography equipment. Have you seen one of these dogs before? Maybe you've never seen a puppy version?
Apparently it is a Shar Pei. I mentioned that Matt gave me the what for about Winter Garden, including Orlando in the conversation as well. I do love my market--I mean where else will I get to see such life? On any given Sunday I see something I've yet to see before, which, in my book, makes my life all the richer. Of course, there's the matter of time and money, but let's think about that another day shall we?

When Dana asked on Saturday if we'd like to see Paul Simon on Sunday, who in their right mind would say no? I mean talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth! And so we did. Terrific. Our seats were right in the middle of the arena, second tier. I took my trusty Panasonic and did what I could. The opening band was Wild Feathers, who apparently aren't too web saavy because I could find very little about them online. Nevertheless, they do know how to make music! A few songs into their set I said to Bruce, I think one of them is a woman. Doing my best to zoom in on the alleged woman and indeed it was. Lovely, actually.
Quite the guitar player she was. Sunglasses, crazy hair and outift made it hard to tell from the distance we were. Note what looks like a giant can behind her. One of MANY instruments used during Paul Simon's set. Between all nine of them
there was an amazing display of both instruments and musicianship. Honestly, just terrific. Paul Simon's voice is still amazing after all these years. Both Bruce and I thought he was in his 60's, but NO, he's 70!! Lively, let me tell you, he was lively. They kept playing one song after another, mixing it all up with new and old. Sitting to my right, we discovered between bands, was Jim Abbot, our Sentinel music critic. Here's what he had to say about the show; I'll leave it to the professional.
The man immediately to Paul Simon's right has played with him 25 years, ever since Graceland. You couldn't help but marvel how he's had success with such a diversity of styles. Coming out solo during one of three encores to sing Sound of Silence, the arena got very quiet. Magical, really. He seemed quite gracious, shaking hands with those who ventured up to the stage.
Driving home afterwards, I kept thinking to myself, we MUST get out more. Talk about adding richness to one's life.

The tree is awaiting ornaments......

Happy Monday all,

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