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The Mercy of the Weather Forecasters!

That's how my business goes. If the weather prediction is dire, we are usually in a jam. That was the case yesterday morning as we woke up to high winds and cloudy skies. Of course, ever the optimist, I said it would never last and it did not. Bruce and I went back and forth--should we, or shouldn't we? We packed the vehicle. Bruce drove down to the park to find only two other vendors there. Calling Dana he learned that a decision had been made--no load in until 10AM, with extended hours until 5PM. The call was made at 7:30AM. Now what?

Coming home I made a leisurely breakfast and we actually opened our Sunday newspaper. All the while the wind blew enough to blow those rainy clouds away. We could have used the enormous rain the weather forecasters predicted, however, it never materialized. After cleaning up the yard and patio, we once again went back and forth, should we or should we? Despite the promising weather change we decided to take the day off because the lengthened opening hours might have compromised our ability to get to the memorial service for Kate in a timely manner.  Sales be damned!!

Instead we drove over to Cocoa Village, a darling little tiny downtown that I've visited just once before. Because Bruce had never been he agreed to the short journey. Arriving there it turns out they were having a little art and craft show. Nice. Trouble was that the high winds had driven some of the vendors home. No problem for us; instead of earning money we spent it, wandering around the quaint shops and having a delightful lunch at Lea's Bistro. One of the many cute little shops to be found in Cocoa Village:
Our meanderings over, we drove home, or make that I drove home because my little honey was a sleepy head. No worries--it was easy. We were anxious to see if our purchases looked as good in our home as we'd hoped and they do! I've yet to photograph them but you'll see them soon enough no doubt.

Because Kate was young I expected a large gathering for her memorial service and indeed it was. Arriving early, we watched as the other mourners took their seats. Promptly at 7PM, the service started, concluding nearly two hours later. I can't imagine the pain Regina and Kate's family are going through. The service was held at the same church where she married her current husband only 3 1/2 years earlier. Although the pastor did not show it, he must have been heart sick as well having performed the marriage ceremony so recently.

On a happier note I wanted to show you something that has made the last two weeks of sitting at my computer that much better. Every time I look up from the monitor I'm greeted by the sight of a beautiful pink tabebuia tree out my window. Walking Baxter last week we made our way to the house and even though Mike was not there we walked into the backyard for a closer look. Not only are the trees beautiful but as the blooms drop they carpet the ground below them.
The grass was so thick Baxter's little legs are partially hidden!
I had to keep backing up to include the entire tree. Won't be long before the pink is replaced by green but for these few weeks it is a glorious sight repeated all over the city. Speaking of pink, oh my, I went by Dickson Azalea Gardens the other day on my way home from somewhere.
Every path is bursting with azalea blossoms. Oh my! The park seems to have been a WPA project back in the thirties with little enhancement since.
Well, that's not entirely true because there are some newish handrails on the little bridges over the barely rippling Fern Creek.
The business about Fern Creek is news to me. You would think that after all these years of living in Orlando I would have known that indeed there is a creek named Fern, not just a street! Which reminds me of when we were at Fort Christmas I saw a reference to Curry's Ford from the 1800's which was so interesting. Driving on Curry Ford Road several times a week, I now know that it means more than just a street name.

Have you been missing the cardinals???
Isn't she pretty???

Not so pretty, but I did want to show my cute new blouse up close:
I must learn to be more photogenic!!! Perhaps that's not in the cards for me at this late date.

That said, last night they ran a slideshow of photographs of Kate. Bruce looked at me and said I've got to start taking more pictures of you. As not one, not two, but three people spoke about Kate, I couldn't help wondering what people will say about me at my funeral. I know it sounds all maudlin but it is something to think about every now and again. I remember sitting at my friend Bina's untimely funeral and thinking if all the people who are saying nice things now had said them while she was living how lovely that would have been.

On that note, while they are alive, surprise someone by telling them how much you like them, or how much they mean to you--that sort of thing. Both the giver and the receiver will be that much better for it! I can tell you that each and every reader, wherever you are mean very much to me.

with gratitude for life,

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