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The Destination

Following a good night's sleep after finishing my book, I awoke at 6:15, thanks to my handy phone alarm. Showering in my weird handicapped bathroom, I threw on a dress, brushed my hair and teeth, and took off. The sky was still dark with stars and a sweet crescent moon.
Checking into the Anastasia Inn, the clerk told me I could walk over the bridge to the Old City, however, knowing I'd be walking around everywhere to take photographs, I opted to leave the key in the room, and take the Pilot into town. A warning dear readers, there are a lot of photographs to come!

The early morning fisherman were already out in force as the dawn became day.
The bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway is named "The Bridge of Lions," and if you're interested in knowing more about this famous, newly restored bridge, click on this link. The lions, after a full restoration and cleaning, now look like this:
Or, at least one of them does! One of the reasons I left my room so early, aside from wanting the best light, was wanting a good parking spot which I found adjacent to the Bay. And here come's the sun:
I don't know how many people follow the same routine as Bruce, emptying pocket change and placing it in a tray on our dresser. Good thing I raid said tray, putting all the good change in a little bowl in my car. This came in very handy because the spots are $1.50 an hour, meaning lots and lots of change for my purposes.

So, I began walking the streets to see what I could see. I re-visited some of the places I saw nearly two years ago. If you've never been to St. Augustine it is unlike most Florida cities with narrow lanes and alley ways. Many of the buildings are quite old, as are the colorfully painted homes, shops, and galleries. A typical street in the old city looks something like this one:
Or this one:
Recently Roger sent me a list of my top 25 selling photographs, one of which is from our last visit to St. Augustine coming in at either #3 or 4. Thus, I was hoping to find another winner during this trip. I've yet to find one in my current batch that I think will ever rival Aging Gracefully, however, the customers will be the ones to decide.

Remember what I told you about the battery chargers? Well wouldn't you know it--I brought a charger for a camera I didn't even have with me, neglecting to bring the proper one! When will I ever learn?

There are lots of quirky and fun homes to see, including this one which is part of our continuing cat series:
During our last visit to celebrate my birthday two years ago, I came across what I thought was a darling scene--a turquoise house with a white picket fence and a slew of cute birdhouses. No one else thought that scene was anywhere near as cute as I did. This time I saw what it looked like on the other side of the fence:
Brick lined tiny little streets with stately homes on either side:
Perhaps stately isn't quite the right word because when I think of stately I think of larger lawns, but you get my drift.

I went onto the main drag, heading over to Flagler College. Here's a little educational sign about our Florida history:
Over 1,000 miles of sandy beach! No wonder I have loads of beach pictures! It seems as if everywhere I go there is nature to be found:
Maybe the photo is too large for you to see her photographing the Monarch butterfly? In the above history lesson it also mentions the state population in 1963, which has nearly quadrupled since then. Here's why:
Air-conditioning. Indeed!

Because we visited during the Christmas holidays before, Flagler College was closed to visitors. Not so on Saturday; in fact, they were doing tours for potential students. Apparently, many of the current ones ride bicycles around town.
Flagler College, founded by none other than Henry Flagler, the man who shaped Florida,
is very striking indeed. For many years the buildings served as the Ponce de Leon Hotel, in fact, I'm pretty sure this is where we stayed during our two day honeymoon back in 1973, however, I can't be sure. Somewhere I've got a receipt I must find... I digress, here's a side view:
and a close up of the fantastic lions which flank the gates:

Most definitely a lion thing going on in St. Augustine! Seeing as it is a college town, I expected to find some original street art, which I didn't, however I did find a small Shepard Fairey sticker:
Very hard for me to imagine how he got so famous using an image of Andre the Giant.....

I saw so much more and obviously took many more photographs, however, I must leave you with this one:
Having just heard from Bruce that I'm going to California for nearly a week in the morning, I need to get my act together around here. One reason I was ill-prepared during this trip is because I got ready too hastily, not to mention, just before I left I was having to review dresses Angela purchased to go to a late October wedding! This time, as God is my witness, I will pack everything I need!!

If you can believe it, this little spell is the longest that Bruce and I have ever been apart, aside from our last two years of high school. I am more than ready to rectify this situation! Blogging may not be happening, however, maybe so. We shall see...
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