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The Birds

Last week I really, really tried to keep going, however, most of the days I sure didn't feel myself. Getting up Saturday morning, my eyes were stinging, and I still had little energy, but pack the car I did and drove out to Winter Garden. God bless Dana's son, Cole, for putting up a tent over my display because, if not, I would have been hard pressed to make it. Fortunately, the day was worth it as far as sales were concerned.

Once home, I felt pretty worn out, however, we had agreed to go to a party at Steve and Barb's condo in Lake Nona at 6, and I did not want to disappoint our friends. Barb's boss's 18 year old son died in his sleep last week, obviously, quite the blow to the entire department. She is a good friend, helping in any way she could, meaning cooking for the party was not in the cards. She bought these gorgeous desserts from Whole Foods:
Little Missy here, did not feel like trying a one of them. I did not even finish my wine, which is really saying something.
Around 8:30, with glazed eyes, I whispered to Bruce, "I just can't stay any longer." Making apologies, we drove home, I took some aspirin, and was asleep in minutes. Waking up Sunday morning, Bruce suggested I stay home and rest which turned out to be a good plan. While he worked in the garage, I lay in bed, finishing a silly travel book called, "Queen of the Road." Mostly it was enjoyable, however, after a time, I did get a little tired with her Jewish American Princess shtick.

So, what pray tell does my title have to do with the above? Hold your horses, I'm getting there!

As you've probably figured out, if you've been reading this blog for long, I'm not a good sitter. I'm also not great at multi-tasking, however, if the activities are simple enough, I can sometimes accomplish two things at once. Feeling puny,  I planned on watching as much of The Masters as possible. Because the couch now abuts the main living room window, guess what I can see out said window? Birds in the beautiful blue bird bath! Of course, there is the window, screen, and mullions to deal with, but none of those stopped me from taking a few shots when the occasion arose.
When I was 10 years old, Alfred Hitchock's film, The Birds came out. My memory is fuzzy on whether I saw it at the long-closed, Vogue theater on Colonial Drive, however, what I do recall is how scary it was. So scary, in fact, that many people my age do not like birds because of that film. Once the children were around that same age, our library began carrying movies to rent, and I could not wait for them to see "The Birds," however, to their tastes, it was not scary at all--as I recall one of them thought it was silly. Oh well--so much for sharing childhood favorites with your children! Anyway, as you well know, I am fascinated by birds, both their appearance and behavior. Plus, their eye colors--so interesting. I like all kinds of birds, but if pressed, I'd have to say songbirds are my favorite. Can you believe that there are over--get this--10,000 bird species in the world??? I've probably seen about 30!

The brown thrashers are back:
Forgive the quality--see above. Wonder why their eyes are yellow?

Doves galore:
That pretty little blue ring around the dark black eye is so nice.

Out front, again through the window, the finch are starting to multiply:
Someone just told me about seeing finches with blue coloring--I sure hope they find their way here!

Then there is the always the under-appreciated female cardinal:
Enough already Gail! Sorry, can't help it!

Last week, on a trip to Wal Mart, I stopped to see the peacocks, and boy howdy were there a bunch of them!
Also last week, I went to sign our income tax forms at Olga's house.
Long ago, she and David lived together. I'll always be grateful to Olga for suggesting Dave take a teller job at Sun Trust while he was in school. He began working there a few days a week, rising to his current job as a Wealth Manager, with an office on Park Avenue. If you're from here, you know that sounds like an awesome gig. We always got along well, and since I already knew her, once I had my little business going, I needed some help with my taxes. Enter, Olga, CPA. We owe this year, mostly because my sales were stronger in 2012, however, not much.

One of the primary reasons I want to get better is our trip this week. Don't ask me any details because they are still sketchy, however, I did get a book from the library on North Florida and will pack it, making up the trip as we go along. Or, at this moment that's what I'm thinking. With my muddled brain, who knows where we'll end up!

Finally, if you are SICK of bird pictures, just say so, will you?
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