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When It Rains, It Pours

But, you knew that didn't you?

If you can imagine, I've gotten myself into four art events this weekend, which is probably one too many. I'm going to have to rope Bruce into helping me on Sunday because I can't be in two places at once. What a nit-wit to agree to being a part of a "home art party", however, the idea intrigues me, so I figured why not give it a try. After all, Tupperware became a household name with the idea.

Thus, you will be spared too many words today as I must get things ready. There is FAVO to promote on Friday night, not something I enjoy doing at all. I feel like I'm bugging people when I remind them it is the first Friday of the seems like it comes around so quickly. Mentioning that to someone, they disagreed with me, saying people often can't fit it into their schedules one month, and a friendly reminder about another one is helpful. We shall see.

Yesterday afternoon, I was lucky enough to score an invitation to sub for a bridge game with Bev and her clan. Arriving at Bonnie's house, I was so glad to have had my camera with me because she had a super photo op in the back yard which I noticed after seeing this everyday prettiness.
Just when I'd written about our shed, while touring Bonnie's herb garden I saw her shed, which apparently is slated for a take-down in the very near future.
From my experience, people love the worn-out look. I'm not showing you exactly what I did with this because we all know that I rarely put photos online that I plan to sell, but if my intuition is right, it might be a good one. Of the gang, Arlene is the most experienced making me nervous I'd have to be her partner because I'm so not good. Thankfully, Bonnie filled that role! Yeah for nice ladies!
Tasty snacks, good conversation, and a win for me and Bev. What's not to like? Had I any sense when it comes to bidding, we really would have won big--but I don't.

Riding with Sue the other morning, we came across this cat lying in the driveway. He matches!
While picking up Bruce's blood pressure medicine at Target I was parked not too far from the VW repair shop. Did I ever tell you I had a '63 bug while in x-ray school, giving it up only after the floorboard rusted through one day as I put groceries in the back? Then too, our baby Matthew was in the car, and I could only imagine him falling through the floorboard!
Mine did not have a terrific paint job like the two of these, instead, as I recall, it looked as if someone sprayed it at home. Hey, what do you want for $300?

Sue, as I've mentioned, is always finding new things to love. In this case, she found one of those lit globes I'm dying for!
Of course she got a huge bargain as well. I only hope she finds one for me one of these days.

On Sunday Cole returned my camera card from months ago when I photographed the "Broadway Babes" show. I unloaded it this morning which was kind of neat because I'd already mostly forgotten how excellent the show was.
So much to do, so little to pick up my last order, only to put in a new one. Mayfaire comes up next weekend, and I'm going through the usual struggle about what to put on my walls.

The rain I mentioned? It did that in the literal sense in a big way last evening, continuing into the middle of this morning. Now, however, blue skies like nobodies business. :)
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