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The Nicest Season of the Year

In some parts of the world, Spring can be nice, however, there is still the threat of very cold weather, not to mention, lots of rain. In Florida, on the other hand, Spring is the best--not too cold, not too hot, low humidity, and lots of sunshine. What better time of the year to hang out one's laundry? Plus, don't you just love all the springy colors?
Bonus points for grass! For years, this tiny section of our yard has been woefully short of grass, so I could not be happier with how it looks now!

On the other side of this path, a big pot holds an hibiscus plant with bright orange blooms. Much to my surprise/delight, a yellow one appeared, somewhat reminiscent of the clothes line!
Then too, all over the neighborhood, the magnolia trees are in bloom, perfuming the morning air as I go on my bike ride.
The other day I said to Bruce, my goodness, our oak tree is really starting to grow. I went back in my photo library, looking for a photo when it was newly planted, coming across this one taken in April of 2011.
Look at that grass! I knew it had come a long way, but wow....
what a difference more than 100 grass plugs will make! I think the tree is getting taller, but more than that, it is getting fatter, finally providing some shade to that side of the house. These photos also really show what a difference the windows make.

So, we've been out and about now that I'm nearly over my flu. Last Thursday night we went to Maxine's, to support my friend Dlynn who was showing her paintings there.
Which, now that I've put these photos up in this order reminds me of something pretty crazy. In 2005, when this place was still called Bravissimo, Bruce and I sat on the patio eating dinner late on a Thursday night. He'd only just returned from a business trip. During our meal he asked me "what are they saying about the hurricane?" Ever the optimist, or head in the sand, you choose, I told him, "you know how they always hype these storms; I don't think we have anything to worry about." Nonetheless, when we got home, he did put our patio furniture in the pool to keep it from blowing away if the storm did come our way. Boy, was I ever wrong!!! Hurricane Charley hit us with a vengeance the following night, which, in a round about way, precipitated our need for a new tree some year later. So, there you go....

As well, the previous Saturday afternoon, when I was still in recovery mode, we went to a Kentucky Derby party over at Lake Pineloch, the complex where Dave and Michelle live. Their friend Burch did a very nice job.
Michelle and Fallon wore their best Kentucky blue!
Speaking of parties, I had the most wonderful surprise Sunday afternoon. Dave and Michelle brought all kinds of food and wine to our home, setting it all up, and cooking while I was still at the market! Adding to that, Matt came home for a visit, albeit short!
Bill was there, as well as two of their friends, and it was all just perfect! I can't remember a time when Matt has been here that he hasn't done some sort of tech upgrade, and this visit was no exception. 
Unbeknownst to me, my internet connection to the computer I am writing this on was unacceptably slow. That is no longer the case.  About 24 hours after arriving in Orlando, he is off to spend 10 days in New York City on a business trip. The next time he will be back is when he and Tom fly to Seattle to begin a two week train journey across America for their honeymoon. How cool is that?

Bruce picked Matt up at the airport just before it was time to take down at the market. When they arrived I dragged Matt over to see some brand new cygnets, not too far from my booth.
We have no idea who provided the tub for their swimming hole--Mamma swan was keeping a close eye on them while still sitting on an egg. Darn they are cute!

I can't tell you how excited I am about the new frames Bruce has been making. Happily I sold another one first thing Sunday. Here's a look at the painting production line...
Plus, I got an order for another one! After so many years, it feels good to have a new product line.

The other morning I heard a rapping sound, quite loud, which I figured was someone nearby using a hammer. Not so, as Bruce pointed out this woodpecker, or I guess in this case, metalpecker, tapping away at the light pole across the street from our house.
Perhaps the metal is softer than the concrete pole?

Finally, just a reminder of this refreshing salad, made with shredded carrots, diced radishes, lime zest and juice, and olive oil.
Aside from some salt and pepper to taste, you are get to go....just delicious!

You might enjoy clicking on this link...I was going to close with a poem about the nicest season of the year, however, they've gone and done it for me!
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