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Curiosity Makes the Photographer

Years ago, when I was just starting this journey as a "photographer", I signed up for Digital Photography School, a website from Australia that puts out a daily post full of tips and techniques. At first most of what I read made little sense to me, however, over time I began learning quite a bit about all aspects of photography. That said, all of the processing and editing posts went way over my head, and in fact, are still over my head. Lately I've not spent much time on the site, however, this piece, recently posted, was so pertinent to me, I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. Here is the link. Although he did not specifically say curiosity makes the photographer, he very well might have.

Time and time again I am asked about my equipment. Time and time again my answer has been that I have a nicer camera than some, but generally I don't think much about my equipment. My needs are simple--does it fit my hand well? Do I understand the menus? Does it fit in my purse? That sort of thing. I, too, as mentioned in the article, consider it merely a tool, much like I think the same of the keyboard I am currently typing on. A better camera can only take you so far as a photographer if you have no vision, or curiosity, for that matter. Another thing people ask for are photographs of Lake Eola. Duh! Why not take one yourself, I ask. It is right behind you, or it is when they ask me this at my market booth. I try to explain that I take photos you might not, and there are only so many different ways to show a smallish lake with a big green fountain in the middle!! That generally does nothing for my sales, and so be it is what I think.

When I tell folks that I write a blog, and have done so for years, they presume it is about photography. I am quick to mention that there are photographs on the blog, but to say it is about photography is a stretch. That said, every now and again I write something about the process of my photography, but the article linked above says it so much better than I could.


Well, I was going to move forward, but still on the topic of photography and curiosity---good grief, I need to reign it in! While looking for some photos for the Polasek museum, where they still sell notecards and prints of mine, I discovered that my Picasa library has/had over 150,000 images which is far too many to sort through when you are trying to find something specific. I spent a VERY boring Tuesday deleting stuff, however, I barely made a dent in it. On the other hand, I did rediscover a few goodies such as this photo from my early days at the market.
Oh my goodness, how we have grown! At last count there are 115 vendors if everyone shows up!

The fact that I am prolific is well established, and to those of you who know me well, know that I am always asking questions because, as they say, "curious minds want to know." Not that I read the National Enquirer or anything, but I do want to know about everything. Well, maybe not everything, but a lot of things. Bruce reminded me, not that I think I ever knew this before, but apparently, way back when we were children, Gatorland was free except for a voluntary donation. How about that?
Perhaps that is why they are still in business all these years later? They treat their guests right--no ridiculous parking fees, along with admission prices that families can afford. Therein lies just one of the reasons I like it so much. Then, too, there are the gators, which are strange creatures indeed. Do you suppose these gators are just passing in the day, or perhaps, they like one another?
It never fails to amaze me how the egrets ride on the backs of alligators..
Guess who I finally saw together? Once again, challenging photography conditions, but here they are nonetheless.
Fluffy city, right?

Way back in early April, before the Vancouver trip and the house painting took over this blog space, I went to the Spring Training game in Kissimmee, visiting their cute little downtown beforehand. I wrote about the game here. At the time I said I would show you a few photos from that trip and before April slips away, let's go back there, shall we?

Long before Walt Disney came to town, Kissimmee was known for citrus and cattle, and the evidence of that still remains downtown. This shop window is more reflective of the town's heritage than all the motels lined up on 1-92. (a highway for those who don't live here.)
The mascot of the high school has always been the Cowboys. For some people it still remains a small town...
where they sure seem to support their local stores. How long has it been since you've seen opening hours as pictured above? I went into a ladies shop where not only did I buy a super cute top but I chatted with the business owner. Surprise, surprise!! She told me the shop had been there since like 1947. Not only that but above them is the Orange Blossom Hotel, which they also own. Not entirely a hotel, some residents have lived there for more than 25 years! Here's a look at the building and the men's shop too.
Pretty, isn't it? I did not have time to go into the hardware store but it, too, has been there forever.
Years ago I worked with a young woman in her 20's who had been through surgery and cancer treatment and had a large scar in the middle of her chest to show for it. She told me the way she got through it was some advice she was given.....look good, feel better. Well, these folks seem to have heard that too.
It's a cute little downtown, and worth your time to mosey, if you find yourself in the area. So much of what people take away from a trip to Central Florida is manufactured fantasy, so it is nice to be reminded that real life still remains in our communities.

April has been a busy month--hard to imagine one third of 2015 is history. Tomorrow is our sweet Jonathan's birthday. Hard to imagine 32 years have slipped away!

Remaining a curious photographer,


p.s. Did you see this incredible story about the woman finding a diamond?
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