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Well...Out and About

How is that for a title? Double dipping, some might say.

We have, indeed been here and there in the last few days. Today I took Maureen to the orthopedic doctor and he said she is on the mend. What does that mean, you ask? Tincture of time baby....walk, walk, and more walking is the best medicine at this point.

While Bruce was having his hair cut by the lovely Monica last week, she told him that as to their spot at East End market, she wanted to make some changes in the layout. Knowing he knows his kitchen equipment, she was hoping for a little consultation during their lengthened Friday night hours. And so he agreed. Stopping for a light, this photo spoke to me as I was flooded with memories of Bruce's brother Cris, working on the road as an ironworker eons ago. Lots of blood, sweat and tears go into any construction project, large, or small. Road building presents it's own challenges. Remembering when the expressway was built, no one used it, or so it seemed as I travelled it to Mercy Hospital as a newlywed. Ten cent tolls that were to cease when the road was paid for. Well, that did not happen! Tolls are everywhere in Orlando! Tourists are generally shocked, or so I've heard from more than one visitor to our area. Locals are shocked as well.
Although they changed the name years ago, I still refer to it as the East-West Expressway. :)

East End is cute as a button. Monica and David are doing so well, they are nearly outgrowing their space.
Bruce and David did some commiserating on how better to use the area. Our food was yummy too.

Driving down North Orange Avenue, I was so excited we were passing this on our way home, after seeing it in the morning newspaper. Yes, we still get home delivery!
Should you want to more about this cool project, you can read about it here.

Saturday we went to the gathering honoring Tracy at Mark and Michelle's lovely home on Lake Hart, near Moss Park. Lovely, and very big, I might add. Nothing official happened, aside from a slide show, condolences to both his wife and two sons, both of whom are graduating from University of Florida in May, and visiting. Lots of former Darden folks, as well as a few that are still working there, including Bruce's old boss whom I'd not seen since he let B go. Hmmm....I smiled, and smiled.
The boy on the left in the above photo is one of Tracy's son, along with his fiancee. Kendall graduates with a degree in Engineering, while Dylan graduates from Law school. Smart kids.

So, a bunch of the young folks congregated at the end of the long dock. Of course, I wanted to get some lakeside photographs...
They were kind enough to point this out!!! Sand Hill Crane!!!
Oh my goodness!!! Speaking of birds on the nest, a Great Blue Heron flew over my car as I was driving down my street. What could this mean, I wondered? Another nest so soon? Indeed that is apparently what it means.
Although I saw no activity on the nest on the right, I did manage to see a tiny bit of what is happening on the older nest.
Seriously, these trees are so tall, it is a wonder I can even get this. You can imagine I'll be checking in on them a bunch in the next few weeks. I am still so sad my owls are nowhere to be found. :(

Walking home from the heron house, here's ours through the trees, looking dark against the astonishingly pink Tabebuia tree blooming in a neighbor's yard on the next street.
Now you understand how we go crazy for these blooming trees that sadly hold onto their blossoms for way to short a time. Of course, then you have a pink carpeted lawn...
which has a charm of its' own. I took this over in Southern Oaks the other morning after checking out Lake Pineloch. David spotted some white Pelicans which are pretty uncommon in these parts. They were there, with Dave and Michelle's complex behind them, but too far away for a good photo. Perhaps I will see them today if I'm lucky.
Quite a flock of them, right?

Sunday arrived with our usual activities, beginning with church. People ask me if I miss the market at all--in a word, no. For a few months now they have been talking about a new cupola for the church. Apparently the old one was either badly damaged, or maybe destroyed, years ago in the year of multiple hurricanes. A very, very rare occurrence I hasten to add. Anyway, I decided to take a shot of the church before the big installation day which is late next week.
The wood around the top is in preparation. We still don't know anyone to speak of, however, that is not stopping us. I only wish they would speed up the music.

Bright yellow in both manufacturing, and nature.
Yup, more bright yellow trees are showing their sunny disposition all over town, not just in my yard.

Yellow, orange, purples, pinks, red, whites....the color of spring are enough to, well, put a spring in your step, don't you agree?
There are a few folks that find their way to this little spot on the World Wide Web who are not having quite the beautiful weather conditions we've been experiencing.....let us pray it will catch up with you soon.

The boss comes to town tomorrow and lo and behold, he's invited me to join them for dinner. Nice.

With a spring in my step,


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