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A Change of Plans

Some of you were under the assumption that we would be on a plane just now, headed to Vancouver for Bruce to do some plan reviews of his next project. As was I, that is until Thursday night, or make that early, early, Friday morning when he explained that he just could not leave his current project for nearly a week. And so I am blogging instead.

One of the very first things I did on Tuesday morning was to go see for myself some of the things I'd been seeing online while I was in California. I'd watched a time lapse video of the making of this mural, across the street from both Track Shack and Hawkers.
Apparently Track Shack purchased the property to use as overflow parking. For more perspective it is across from this.
Traveling South on Mills Avenue, I also saw this display made using popsicle sticks.
I've yet to get over to the Dr. Phillips Center to see that memorial; huge according to photos I've seen others take, but I did drive straight away to see the beautiful cross display. As there was no handy parking, I took this out of the car window.
The man who made the crosses installed them at night--imagine the surprise when people saw them come daybreak. It has not taken long for them to be thoroughly decorated and visited, so much so that the Red Cross volunteers are out in force, distributing water.
It is probably the same for many others but as I mentioned in my last post, there are so many things that tie us to the tragedy. You may remember I spent 10 of my working years employed by Orlando Health.
The news reports make no mention of the x-ray personnel, but I can assure you they are vital in an emergency such as this. Long ago, while working at a hospital in a sketchy part of town, I x-rayed many gun shot victims and it is neither easy, nor a pretty sight. Orange Avenue has finally opened up and I noticed just yesterday some new banners on the light poles. Perhaps on our way home from church today I can take some photos. We'll see.

On the plane journey westward, I did the hand sewing on a quilt I made for Jon and Alissa's third wedding anniversary, coming up this week. I did not intend to make them a quilt for a gift, however, when I saw this super cool fabric at Sewing Studio, an idea formed. Perhaps it has always been this way, don't really know myself, but these days, fabric is made in what they call collections. Plus there are rock star designers of fabric, in the vein of clothing designers. One such group of young woman have formed a company called Cotton + Steele. Mostly funky because they are so young, when I saw the fabric pictured below, from the collection, Tokyo Train Ride, I just knew, or hoped anyway, that my youngsters would love it.
Because this quilt was more about the back than the front, I kept the front very simple, recreating the little block design.
You may be wondering why I was pretty confidant they would like it and that is because they went to Japan on their honeymoon!!!
Well, there you go! I insisted they open it on Friday when it arrived via USPS. I think it was well received. :)

During my absence the mailbox money came from SunDance along with two gift bags that manufacturers made using my photographs and Sarah's from SD, writing. Worked out great because Fallon had a birthday on Monday so....
She loved all the glitter. You might find it interesting to know that the blue on the bag is our swimming pool as a background for the tulip shot.

My sister Nancy is in town, arriving maybe Thursday? I'm losing track here. Anyway, while we were out back I saw an Osprey sitting atop a nearby telephone pole. Several smaller birds were, as we've already learned before in this space, flying around and squawking like mad. I had no idea the Osprey had a squirrel in it's talons until I saw it on my computer!!
During my mall visit I took another shot of the restaurant in progress. Windows are in since I took this.
We are mostly caught up now...time for this blogger to shut her computer down and get gussied up.

Going with the flow,

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