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I Saw Some Birds and Houses

First off, I'm thinking my readers are awfully jaded by now, seeing my adorable hummingbird photo and not a word from anyone!! Perhaps you've grown tired of photographs, which is not a good thing because this post is packed with them.

Aside from cooking and nursing, I spent a lot of my time going up and down these steps.
That's Leila atop the stairs. To say that there are a lot of steps at Carol's house is an understatement. In fact, there are 35 steps from her driveway down to the pool!
Yup, according to Carol, some folks think her pool belongs to someone else it is so far down. Although it looks very pretty, the truth is, in spite of the soaring heat at the end of the week, all I did was look at it because the water is too darn cold for a Florida girl! I spent a good deal of time, while Carol was sleeping, on one of the four decks on the back of the house. I had my very own one, pictured on the left.
It was here that I got my best internet connection, so I could keep up with the sad news from Orlando on the iPad. It was also on this deck that I took, yet another adorable hummingbird photo. Well, it could have been better, but I was still thrilled to see it in person.
In the front of the house there is a small patio with a little table and chairs. It was while sitting in one of said chairs that I observed another hummingbird that roosted in the same tree, on the same branch, day after day. When not on that branch, this tiny one had one other favorite spot.
It was fascinating to witness as I'd always assumed they just flew around all of the time. Plus, I had no idea there even was a brown hummingbird, did you? The California Jay is a pretty bird, isn't it?
No less vocal than our blue jays though.
Another duty was walking the dogs some days. Her street has no more than ten houses on it, obviously quite short, which over time, would bore me to death walking the dogs up and down that street, however, they don't seem to mind, so why should I? Right.

The houses are stacked one upon another, or so it appears from the street level. Looking in one direction:
and further down the street, looking up there is a PINK house.
I did venture around the corner, seeing what is undoubtedly a drought resistant front lawn.
Lawn doesn't seem quite the right term to use, however, I can think of nothing else. The sky was as blue as pictured, day after day, barely a cloud to be seen.
I, once again, took to my iPad to identify the above bird, learning that it is an Eurasian Collard Dove, or so I think!  I love how they describe it as chunky. Definitely chunky!

Before leaving the hospital, Carol expressed interest in a donut from, according to her, this famous shop featured in many movies. Nearly right next door to the hospital, I walked over to get one for all of us. Unfortunately, arriving back in her room, I discovered the worker had left mine out! :(
Aside from the trips to the hospital, I stayed pretty close to home. One morning though, I rode along with Hank to take the dogs for grooming in Studio City.
As well, we stopped at Trader Joe's for groceries. Getting in Hank's car to come home, I witnessed a parking lot stand off that although it did not come to blows, the folks wanting our parking spot would not budge from either direction. Shouting and great waving of hands ensued. Naturally I had to take the shot below.
The first thing I did yesterday morning, after writing my blog post, was head up to the post office, mailing Matthew's birthday gift. I can hardly believe he will be turning 40 years old in a little more than two weeks. Oh my goodness!!

One day I did get up my nerve to drive to a fabric store on Pico Drive, about six miles from the house. Using written directions, yes I still prefer that, it went pretty well getting there.
That's a cute name isn't it? There was much excitement in the shop because they were holding sewing camp for whoever wanted to come, in this case, all young girls.
It made me happy to know young people are still interested in sewing! So I said it went well getting there, going home, not so much. Not terrible, but I did get turned around, not once, but twice. When I got to this intersection, I went the wrong way.
That would be both brown grass, and the Mormon Tabernacle.

Following some ups and downs in Carol's recovery, the morning I left she felt like she was heading in the right direction. Thank goodness!!

Hank drove me here.
I was a nervous wreck because the traffic, while it looks good here, became terrible. I arrived at my gate 10 minutes before boarding time. And then the flight was delayed...

Happy to be home on flat ground,

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