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Getting an Education

The quilt is done! The quilt is done!! Washed and ready to go!
Remember about piecing the backing? Well, here is how that turned out..
Obviously I was thrilled to be done, as was my left hand, so after taking the photographs, I made a beeline for our bedroom, replacing the old with the new. Heart sinks as I realize that, despite my best efforts, it is a tad too small. Nor do I like the way it looks. Well, that's a bummer isn't it? We used it for two nights, after which time I folded it up, and am pondering my next move. In case you are wondering to yourself, how could you have made it too small, the answer is, partly it shrank, and perhaps there was a little bit of a case of wishful thinking on my part. What did I learn from this? I don't really know just yet, that's what I learned. I still can't explain exactly what is not right about it. Any suggestions?

So, we've discussed before the plethora of photographers documenting the owls, and that number just keeps on growing by the day as word gets around via facebook. No longer do I have the place to myself, that is for sure. I told Bruce I am getting an education in photography, watching all these folks with their 600mm lens and tripods, and in some cases stools to sit on while waiting for some action. I also told him that one couple has about $10,000 worth of equipment between them, however, I learned the other day that I was WAY off. More like $50,000! They travel to far off places to take photographs as well, as in Antartica for the penguins. And you know what? All that patience, and it takes a great deal of it to photograph wildlife, and expensive equipment, makes for some astonishing photography.  Click on the link, and be prepared to be amazed.

All that to say that my photographs pale in comparison. Actually, don't click on that link because you'll never be interested in my efforts again!  Nonetheless, it isn't a competition for me, so let's get started with what I've seen this week, beginning with the Papa owl saying either hi, or, more likely, get out of here you crazy people!!
One morning, as there was a little conversation going between folks, I noticed what I thought were some Wood Ducks way high in the tree next to the nest. We all were stunned, when this happened!
It did not take long before he realized that was not a good place for a nest! That morning, the only glimpse I got of the owlet was this:
Sort of like a little ghost in there, right? Others, however, have now taken photographs of the owlet actually standing a bit outside the hole. Here's a link to Jack Rogers' photography which will blow your mind. My former Historical Geology professor, you know.

One morning I made a stop at nearby Lake Davis to see what I could see, and here is a time when I really wish I had a longer zoom lens because it would have been so nice to see this Yellow Legs closer, wouldn't it?
Not hard to understand why they are called Yellow Legs! Here is a Tri-Colored Heron, perhaps with some nest building material?
It was really something preparing meals out of coolers. Then too, you don't even notice the hum of the refrigerator until there is none.
I'd made some stuff on Sunday to get us through two days, and it was pasta again on Tuesday night.
Just as I was returning from the quilt guild meeting yesterday afternoon, Evan from Express Appliance Service arrived. Not having had anything repaired in quite some time, I, like you would, took to Google to find someone reliable, and these Yelp reviews helped me make the decision. Turns out he was just as good as was stated. Here's what he found once he was able to take the back panel off.
Don't know what you are looking at? One is that heater clip thing, the other is something completely unexpected....un-removed plastic during manufacturing that covered the drain hole! If you've ever wondered what is behind your fridge panel, wonder no more.
The new evaporation clip installed above. Evan was terrific, so if you're in need of anything, I would highly recommend you give them a call. Because of this flaw I decided to give Samsung a call, and as it turns out, I requested a reimbursement for the bill of $150. Talking to someone in the Dominican Republic, with an accent I struggled to understand, he said they already had a file on us because, while under warranty in 2013, I made the same complaint as I am in 2017. I heard lots of chatter in the background noise, so I suspect I'm not the only one looking for a refund!

My garden, in spite of the scanty rainfall, is coming along nicely with darling Violas in the front,
and a pot of pretty white Pansies there as well.
Snapdragons and geraniums are the focal point on the side garden.
Back out front, I took this across the street:
If I were still titling my photographs, I would have called this one, "Charred Grass and Broken Glass." Pam seems to think the oak tree will come back; time will sure tell. One thing on our to-do list is now accomplished. We've got a yard guy beginning in May. So, there's that.

About four of the girls from the head office are here for a convention, including Zarita, who is so excited for Bruce to help her refine her skills.
I was really interested in meeting Beth who has done a tremendous job as a purchasing agent for Bruce. Plane delays kept her from joining us until 10 PM, by which time, I forgot to get out the camera again. I learned from her that Bruce's office is cleaned out, and anxiously awaiting his occupancy. As well, there have already been many discussions about helping us feel welcome and acclimate quickly. Although Zarita said it is a stereotype, so far all of the Canadians have been very, very nice.

Yesterday was absolutely crazy hot, as in 94 degrees! Not enough rain fell overnight, but we will have to be content with what we get. Rain, turned into a front that pushed out all that hot air and now it is going to be picture perfect for the next four days that they will be in Orlando. Sorely needed sunshine after a brutal winter of rain in Vancouver.

You can safely bet that I am nervous about that.

yours truly,


p.s. Facebook put up a memory for me this morning...our trip to Vancouver two years ago today.  😀

p.p.s. I forgot one of the most important things I learned from the girls....Bruce can take Baxter to work with him!!! In fact, they hope he will. Not every day mind you, but sometimes. That is such a relief because I was envisioning not having as much freedom to explore as I wanted. God is good!

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