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Making it a Home

My sister Nancy expressed dismay regarding my continued blogging, saying, "we have become accustomed to fantastic images from Vancouver, what will you have to show us now?" I'll do what I can here is what I have to say about that. Back to the here and now as we work on making the condo our home beginning with filling the fridge and cabinets with food. Pretty exciting stuff actually.
Spending days gathering much needed items, I was thrilled to drive the MINI to Clemons and fill the produce drawers with the usual. I will say though that the traffic here is ridiculous, and I am still driving with caution.

I may have cooked on a fancy gas stove in Vancouver, however, this old version of stove works just fine. Although I made pancakes every few weeks, cooking them in a frying pan with high sides, not the easiest I might add, having a griddle again is like heaven. Plus, I get to see the cool creamer and sugar set Carol gave me some years ago. Oftentimes it is the little things…

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I would be the first to admit that I wasn't exactly jumping for joy about returning to Orlando, now that we are here however, I have to say it is nice being amongst the familiar. Coming home to this has been pretty sweet.
Yesterday, after a thorough cleaning by Bruce, I rode my bike for the first time in a year, and that felt good. Bruce is oh so happy to be back in his favorite desk chair, surrounded by all of his beloved office things, and fishing. Boy, has he enjoyed that!
Seeing familiar faces and places has been nice too. Saturday when we went to a garden center in Winter Park, I never expected to run into anyone because I was not looking my best. Yup, ran into Todd and Ron and had a very good chat. Yesterday, looking somewhat better, much to my surprise I  ran into John and Tammy at Foreign Accents on Orange Avenue. Sunday night, in Bunker and Cathy's absence, Lisa and Oren hosted happy hour at their lovely home. The gang was mostly all there and it was as if we'd ne…