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Delete, Delete, Delete

Dear faithful readers,

Thank you for your patience as I struggled through my computer problems for far too long. It is my great pleasure to report that I am fully back into the business of regular blogging! Not only does the computer load photos lightening fast, it does the same with deleting which I took advantage of yesterday. Indeed, I deleted 2,000 photographs from my library, vowing to myself to be ruthless in the future. I'm not nearly done with the process, however I've put a dent into the overflow. I began in the here and now, but after several hours grew tired of seeing what I'd most recently taken. Eventually I went to the beginning of my library, such as it is because in my effort to make the computer run faster, I'd put about ten years worth solely on an external hard drive. While going through the months of picture taking, beginning in January 2017, I came across a few gems that I am going to re-post because they may have been buried in the avalanche, but …

I've Gone and Done It!

I've been patiently waiting for my new computer to arrive today, however, the delivery guy is taking his time. Yes, finally, after months of struggling, I finally caved and bought a new iMac that I hope will be good to me, doing such things as loading pages quickly and efficiently, rather than making me wait and wait. And wait. Instead of blogging being something I look forward to doing, it has become a chore.

OH MY GOODNESS! Just as I finished the above paragraph, I heard the familiar sound of a delivery truck and it is here!! That said, it has been so long since last I wrote, I'm going to keep at it because it is hard to know how long it will take me to get going on the new one. Hopefully not long. 
Back to the business at hand...
You already know that it is extremely hard for me to resist something old and what I consider cool. As such, during a trip to Clermont last Saturday, as in a week ago Saturday, I rummaged around in the SPCA thrift store and for $6.00, had to bring …

More Nature

When I was making the list of all of the nature I've seen while here, how I forgot to include squirrels is beyond me because there are more than you can count on the property.
The Opossum is back both in the trees, and on the ground seen by both of us eating the birdseed our neighbor Julie puts on the shoreline for the ducks. So, thinking that my list would be complete, along comes a very large raccoon that was having a drink in the lake. I spotted it through the window, went outside for a photograph; it stood up and stared at me before scampering away along the shoreline.
It was a big one that's for sure. Speaking of the shoreline, the lake level has gone done during our mostly dry winter and for some reason the Mallard ducks did not seem bothered by me while I was in very close proximity. While prior to moving here my interest was primarily in songbirds, I now can't seem to get enough of the ducks with their intricate feather patterns.
That is not to say I'm no longe…