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On the Road Again

This is my first day home at this time of the day for a few days. Of course Tuesday I'm at the museum, and Wednesday Maureen and I went over to the Brevard Art Museum to see an Annie Leibovitz exhibit. Yesterday I drove Bruce down to Vero bright and early to meet with a contractor while I took off for the sights.

So let's back track shall we?

Karen was hanging the Orlando Camera Club show when I arrived on Tuesday morning. Most of the pieces were seriously photo shopped which doesn't appeal to me all that much. HDR, that sort of thing. There were a series of tulips that I loved however--beautiful, particularly the one with the roots showing. Turns out the photographer used some sort of scannography to achieve the images. Here's an explanation if you are interested: Scannography Explained
I'm going to try it with a large feather I've found.

After watching another episode of "Clean House" while walking on the treadmill, which by the way is simply incredible, I picked up Maureen, and off we went. The drive was very pleasant, the weather has been chilly, but lovely. I will tell you that both of us were dressed very similar which was kinda cute. Maureen took this photo in front of the restaurant where the ladies lunched. In one word--fabulous. If I were to name the photo it would be called "Squinty Eyes."

The exhibit was familiar; seeing AL's portraits blown up to gigantic proportions made them even more powerful. As is often the case, her career seems to have been jump started by being in the right place at the right time. Her iconic images of rock stars for Rolling Stone opened up doors I imagine she never dreamed of in her early days. One thing her sister says in the documentary is that as children they spent a lot of time riding in the car watching the world go by framed through the windows. Interesting.

On our way home we took advantage of being on the coast by stopping for fresh seafood. Maureen bought some rock shrimp, and I came home with a pound of fresh crab meat. We forgot to ask specifically, but I imagine it was caught in these waters:

An ice filled box kept it perfect until we arrived home. The crab cakes that night were definitely some of the best I've ever made. Delicious!

Additionally, we stopped at a grove stand for fresh orange juice, another taste sensation. Who knew this trip would provide such goodies? We were told that the groves along the river produce better juice than those further inland. I'm not so sure about better, but it is mighty good.

Arriving in Vero at 9, I dropped Bruce at the Olive Garden, continuing the six or so miles to the beach. I love the moment when you are driving over the causeway when the ocean comes into sight. The water color is gorgeous, even more so at this time of the year for some reason. Love it!

McKee Botanical Garden opens at 10, so I scooted over there. My time was limited, so I did not get to see it all, but what I did see was a treat. I adore glass art; this was a match made in heaven. Gardens+Glass=Happy Gail

The glass work was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Apparently the curator spent nearly a year planning how to best showcase the work of Hans Godo Frabel in the gardens. I've changed my banner to reflect (no pun intended!!) the balancing series, and here's a sample of his Longfellow series, which are in the lily ponds, palm garden, and the trees, the latter being particularly fun.

It's been quite a week I'll say that much. The nasty Sunday weather is long gone replaced by gorgeous blue skies, no humidity to speak of, and a lovely gentle breeze. I can hear the wind chimes twinkling away through my open window. The clean laundry is drying on the line already, and the sheets are changed for a new week. Now it is time for yet another pool cleaning episode...
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