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Calendar Girl

By now you know I'm obsessed with getting the cover photo of the calendar. As such I'll try most anything including throwing clothes on at 6:15AM, hoping to get something good. Unfortunately the sunrise was fairly weak and didn't do much for my photograph. Although I'm fairly confident everyone will be taking this shot, Bruce still suggests I add my version.

This one won't be it, but I'm posting it so you can see the dramatic results lighting makes. While thinking about the contest, I realized how challenging it will be because everyone will be shooting the same thing. The words of Professor Burt Stout came back to me--photography is mostly about "light management." Thus I'm trying it in all different lighting conditions, hoping I'll be able to use it to make the pictures more dynamic. Here's the one I took about 12 hours later:
As well you can see that I stepped over more tracks to give it more foreground which I'm hoping not so many people will do. It is such an obvious shot I'm really taking a chance because I can only enter three photos. In games and such I'm not too competitive--it's a wonder I care about this. That said, it does introduce me into lots of homes and businesses which can't be a bad thing.

The last one I'm posting is one that I took at the last minute. I'd already walked to the car then turned around for one last look. I decided to try and shoot through the window and here's what I got:

I neglected to mention they only want black and white.

There are several more contests which I'll enter, thanks to Ruth. Last year she turned me onto two different ones, neither of which chose me, however I'll try again. Usually the photos for those are very tight shots of birds, or animals--always very striking. That kind of photography takes lots of patience which I'm often lacking, sometimes just because I'm getting bit up by pesky mosquitoes whom will be taking a starring role in the next weeks during any outdoor activity, what with the massive amounts of rain we've had. This afternoon there was a terrific storm, it began when the yard guys were here, stopping enough for them to finish, then began again in earnest. Very strong winds immediately ruined their lovely handiwork, causing leaves and tree limbs to come crashing down. As I type, it is still thundering and the skies are leaden. Makes me nervous for the weekend. With my poor sales last week in super weather I'm not looking forward to what bad weather might bring!

Speaking of sales, this week during my museum stint, one of the exhibit pieces sold. I'd like to think I had a hand in it but that's probably not really true. I only had four visitors, the last two a couple from outside Boston. We chatted about the exhibit, walking around together a bit. I sat down and a few minutes later the man asked if they wanted to buy a piece could it be shipped to Boston. Immediately I said let me call the curator and we'll see what can be arranged. Turns out with bubble wrap and a bag she had in the car it packed up nicely for their afternoon flight. I bet the artist was delighted with the $500 sale, although she's probably used to it because she has exhibited in the Smithsonian on numerous occasions. I've only got four more weeks of duty until the annual summer closing. I'm puzzling if I want to sign on again for next year, mostly because it is so slow and not that close to the house. I'm imagining there are numerous places within a few miles that could use my help...

Tonight begins the playoffs which we are all jazzed for even though our President does not think we have a chance! Only time will tell.
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