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Yes, that was me today. Some days I seem to fool around all day getting little accomplished. Well, that's not entirely true but it just usually doesn't show like what I was up to today.

First off, I've definitely been bitten by the sewing bug. I took a little trip out to Sewing Studio in Maitland to see what their fabric selection was like. Turns out there is a lot of special occasion, quilting, children, and home decorating material, kinda like JoAnne's. I did manage to find two fabrics I like; here's the dress I made with one of them which cost me all of $9.00 to make! Who says you can't save money by sewing? Plus, for me, I can make things that fit me for a change. Almost all of my clothes have some sort of fit problem--now I don't intend to make everything but I'm sure making some dresses with pockets. I got this pattern for $1.00 last Saturday. I made a sleeveless version on Tuesday so I guess I need to tack on another 50 cents to that cost I mentioned. It took me about three hours total, not bad for being rusty!

I woke up quite early today, probably because I went to bed so early last night. Getting busy right away, I got some things ready for the mail (one of them the W-2 for the city calendar--only one this year). We'd been having a problem with our kitchen sink smelling--forgive me, I know not a pleasant topic, but anyway I'd tried lots of things including bleach to no avail. This morning I tried pouring baking soda down the drain followed by white vinegar. If you've never mixed those two things before you should try it because the foamy reaction is very fun to watch. I'm thinking it did the trick!

I put the sewing machine away and got to cleaning--a chore you just know I hate. One of the kitchen sinks held this before I placed them on the windowsill to clean it:

I took this photo because it shows me to a tee! I am such a creature of habit. First thing in the morning, orange juice, next up hot tea, a coke for lunch and wine for dinner. Day in and day out. Notice the giant limb in the yard which fell on Monday night. The lawn guys just left and I had to remind them to deal with it. They are making me so crazy these days I feel like doing it myself!

As well, the windowsill holds some treasures. On the far left is a tiny Christmas ornament Matt once used for name tags. Then the drinking vessels. Next, a beautiful bowl Maureen brought back from Italy for me. I fill it with things I either want to photograph, or treasures I find. I have a monarch butterfly wrapped in plastic wrap along with a peacock feather. Beside that is the postcard to remind me to go to a Radiology conference in September for some CEU points--can't let that license go. even when I'm not working!

I managed to dust (particularly dreaded), clean our bathroom, vacuum and clean up a few clutter piles. Are you like us--fewer and fewer pieces of mail? I'm sorry for the post office, however, it's a good thing for us--less junk mail to trash! I suspect Bruce will not even notice when he gets home tonight. Of course, he never complains when I let it get a little out of hand either. He's been in DC, taking the train these days to the job site, a first for him in all the years he's traveled. It seems to be working beautifully--no rental car and all that entails. The station is just across the street from the job with several hotels within walking distance. He's saving the company a little bundle each week. The Capital Grille is his largest project to date, both in terms of cost, and configuration, requiring constant vigil on his part. Normally he visits job sites every few weeks but for this one it will be weekly, getting more intense the closer we get to the completion date. So far, so good. You already assumed that, didn't you?

I'm still waiting on Roger. He's got my order, I spoke with him briefly on Tuesday evening; frankly, I think I've overwhelmed him. Bruce suggested I order eight canvases, as well as the three that people have given deposits for. Let's hope this doesn't happen again any time soon!

How fun is this? Two surprise birthday parties this weekend!
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