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Aren't found pennies supposed to be good luck? When I was uploading this image I realized the penny has been around since my first year in x-ray school. Imagine all the places it has been since 1972! I saw it beside my car while I was getting back in after showing my wine canvases to a potential customer. Actually, they probably aren't, but I tried anyway.

So I guess this is a big deal if it made The Times 67 Days of SmilesApparently they are hanging the canvases today; I know this because of all things I ran into them yesterday at the History Center! I needed something new to read, having just finished The Turtle Catcher, a very dark, but intriguing novel. I'd never been in the History Center to see the exhibits, however, because the day was rainy (all week!), I decided to see the photography exhibit. I was not disappointed--really amazing, especially one of a woman and child sleeping in a hammock with a large snake underneath them! I wonder if it was staged. Really, they are all sensational, but truth be told, I felt like somewhat of a voyeur. That sounds really stupid I'm sure. It struck me that the people, a world away, are going to be fascinating, no matter what they are doing. Apparently what he wants to convey is their humanity, the same as ours, with hopes and desires in a completely different setting.

Anyway, I was gazing at the photographs when I heard a familiar voice. I turned to see Sherry, the PR person who I met through Dana, giving Kyle and Stacy the guided tour. We were the only ones there; I might just say it was weird because only a few days prior I'd have no idea what was going on. Speaking with Stacey a little later she related that her mom saw the contest on the Today show and thought they'd like to enter. Good mom.

Our market neighbors Jim and Kathy are going through quite a challenge right now. Their 30 year old son was experiencing what he thought were flu like symptoms. Long story short, not. He had emergency surgery last Friday night to relieve an abscess in his abdomen during which time his pancreas completely fell apart in the surgeon's hands--not a good thing as you well know. It's been quite a battle this week. She left a message on Tuesday that he had a fever which is never a good sign after surgery. Today's call I got to talk to her and turns out he had to be re-opened last night. Fortunately he's got health insurance--can you imagine if he didn't? He's been in ICU since the surgery and that don't come cheap! I don't know what side of the debate you're on but the one thing I do know for sure is that EVERYONE needs insurance for catastrophic health problems. I don't want to start any arguments but I think we all should pay out of pocket for routine medical care because to me it is just like any physical need. That said, when a medical catastrophe strikes insurance is the only answer, just like our homes when a hurricane strikes. Anyway, he has it and I wish he wasn't having to use it right now. I can't imagine if one of our sons was so deathly ill--I'm sick just thinking about it!

As you can imagine hundreds of people have taken my business card, in fact, maybe a thousand or more. That said, it is a tactic that we read about early on in this crazy venture; people take a card to be able to move on without feeling the need to buy anything. I was thinking just this morning about this when I received an email from someone regarding a kitty picture they'd seen in my baskets. Count me surprised! Anyway, I've no idea how many people even read this blog, but it comes in handy for me every now and again because I was sure I'd posted that image in this very space. I recalled it because Matt commented that he thought it was good which is both a rarity and a treasure. Much of what I know about photography I learned from Matthew, when he says something is good, it sticks with me. I did a little search on my blog and sent her the link rather than having to wade through thousands-did I write thousands?-why yes I did, of photographs in Picasa. This girl wanted to show it to her sister--all that for the possibility of a $9 sale! Oh well, sometimes things surprise me and this might be one of those times.

My outing yesterday wore me out once again, so much so that I didn't even eat dinner which is unheard of--I may not snack but I always eat three meals every day. I went to bed early with one of my new books, Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow who will be giving a lecture soon at the library downtown. I'll let you know what I think about it when I'm done.

Because of the above mentioned tiredness I decided to stay put today. I made a new dress which I think turned out kinda cute. Bruce will be home in an hour or so to give me his assessment. Truthfully, I did a terrible job on the zipper.
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