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Different Angles

Rarely do I do this, however, today I thought I might show you how taking a photograph of the same subject from different angles looks. I was practicing with a new lens I bought last week which went back to the store today. I had thirty days to return it, and so I did. I'm not one of those folks that wears something once for an event, returning it after it's outlived it's usefulness, actually I return very little; possibly that could have something to do with the fact that I buy very little.

Anyway, I'd been reading a lot about how a prime lens is like magic. Months ago I went to Colonial Photo to buy one and lo and behold, they were sold out. Turns out Nikon could not keep up with the demand. The fellow convinced me to buy a similar lens with manual focus. And so I did. I've struggled with it ever since. Although I think it is perfectly focused, checking the little red indicator light to make sure, but when I see the result on my monitor it is blurry. Thus, I tried the auto focus lens. I still don't know what I'm doing so instead of wasting $200 on trying I returned it. What I think I'll use that money for is a new point and shoot. I dropped my baby camera a while back breaking the battery and card cover. Additionally, because Roger needs an image of 2000x2000 to make a large canvas the extra megapixels will come in handy. According to him, the mp wars are primarily a marketing ploy to get people to upgrade their cameras. That said, when I shoot with the baby camera on the macro setting, which I do a lot, the size is under the above requirements. I'm wondering if the new Panasonics are made in Japan.

Enough already you say. Camera talk is way boring I know.

Let's all thank God together for Google, shall we? I spent about an hour on the phone last night with dear Bruce guiding him from the Google map on my computer to his destination in Connecticut. Life is good.

I spent about double that time on a video chat with Matt yesterday afternoon. How I love to catch up with him! I should have taken notes because every time I chat with him when I'm done I learn something. He's running a half marathon in two weeks time. Yesterday when he rang, he'd just finished a nine mile run in 67 minutes for a charity. I know I've said it before but I'll say again how lucky I feel that all of our sons have turned out to be fine men. Unbiased opinion? Probably not, but that's how I feel and this is my blog so I can say what I want to....say what I want to....

Speaking of sons, Jonathan and Alissa saw U2 on Sunday night. These terrific pictures make you feel as if you were there: U2Try putting U2 blaring on your computer while running the slide show!

I just got finished drying my hair--I'm heading back to the museum for another receptionist's stint during the opening night for the current exhibit. Turns out Karen neglected to find anyone earlier and asked if I'd do it. I know, I'm a sucker but off I go. Fortunately, my friend Pam who lives just nearby is giving me a ride.

I'm home now--did my receptionist thing and we went for a glass of wine afterward. Time for bed my friends...Sleep tight.

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