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A Mixed Bag

I'm not sure what to say about this bookGirls From Ames, except that it was a very quick read. As is oftentimes the case, when I finish a book that I'm unfamiliar with, I read comments on Amazon to see what others are thinking. Interestingly enough those reviews helped me to realize what I hadn't while reading the book. There are eleven stories to keep straight with similar names, Karla, Kelly, Cathy, you know, the names of every forty year old woman you know. No girls named Courtney, Campbell, Chloe--you get my drift. As an aside, this list is fun to see what people are naming their children these days:Name Game. So, that was the first problem. The second is the notion that who we were in high school is who we are forever. I just don't buy into that. It seemed as if in some ways they were stuck in the past. Plus, some of the posters mentioned the women were boring and I have to agree. Maybe I'm just being picky--anyway, read it for yourself if it interests you and let me know what you think.

This morning was the first of the week with sunshine which naturally thrilled me. As such, I went outside to finish the hand sewing on the dress in the good light. The birds were chirping like mad this morning so I brought the camera outside as well. I never got any bird photos but I did get this. Wanta guess what it is?

And here is the dress--notice I'm not showing the zipper side!

This is the nicest cotton I've seen in a while, more like pima cotton maybe. Instead of top stitching, this time I decided to spruce up the same pattern with a bit of piping. My skills are still a bit rusty, after all it's been probably ten years or more since I made clothes, so I've no idea why I'm not just sticking with the pattern; possibly an attempt to make it look less homemade. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how to get that piping on the pocket opening, however, eventually I figured it out. The great news is that it fits me perfectly. While showing it to Bruce I mentioned the zipper and he said, "well, don't show me", and I didn't! He also mentioned I'd made it just in time for cooler weather. Ah, how quickly we forget that September is probably the WORST month for heat. I'm never quite sure if it is because we are so sick of it by now, or what, but it's usually still pretty miserable into early October.

While folding clothes this afternoon I realized how little I've left the house this week. Tuesday the museum stint, Wednesday the library and history center, and remarkably, that is about it. I'm still not 100% up to par and with the weekend coming up, I've just stayed home. I'm skipping my usual stint at Eola because I agreed to do a market at the new Jewish Community Center in the Dr. Phillips area. I met a darling young woman at the Whole Foods market some months back who asked me if I'd participate and I agreed. She's really in her middle thirties, which I guess makes her twenty years younger than me--yikes, I'm getting up there! It could be a bust, which I'm fully prepared for--but then again, who knows, it could be great. Bruce will get a welcome break from setting up the tent, and I'll be able to stay indoors--a winner on both fronts, although he never, never complains about the set up.

That's another thing that sorta bugged me about that book. There is a section where the girls rate their husbands on a 1-10 scale. Maybe it's because Bruce is such a winner and I've been so fortunate to be married to him all these years but I just felt it crossed the line of good taste. The author was smart enough to keep the answers anonymous, carefully noting that none of them rated less than a 6. Ick. I say give those husbands a chance to rate those wives! What they'd probably say is that they spend way too much time wrapped up in their friends lives!

The good news is that Olive Kittredge has arrived on my front porch. No sooner had I finished the Girls than while getting the mail I saw the familiar library bag by the front door. I am so grateful that even with all the budget cuts happening in our government, the library still delivers. The are, however, cutting their evening operating hours, closing at 8 instead of 9. I can live with that. I'll tell you right now the first chapters are terrific.

Kathy called this morning with an update on their son--not good. I've not heard from her since, but it seems as if a third surgery might be in order. Bruce is scared he will contract MRSA and I am too.

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