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Shameless Self-Promotion

I'm back at it--promoting myself, or at least I'm supposed to be. Here's my stack of cards that I'll put out on the table for the next two weeks, hoping people will take them. This looks like a lot, but the truth is, they made 1,000--thank goodness I don't have to pass that many out! I should be grateful, but between you and me, I'm a bit nervous. I thought having them pick out the pieces would be good, however, now I'm unsure about them. Too late because Roger has already made four of them. He's been having problems with the printer for several weeks now with SEVEN service calls necessary. This is prime time because he works with many, many artists, and with show season beginning this weekend, he's been swamped. Hopefully he'll have the last ones ready by Friday--I'll take them over there and show up when the time comes.

Did I tell you how I'd received an email from the folks at the DeLand Art Festival asking for my patron list? Hahahaha! I never responded.

Continuing the publicity thing, I should also be sending out emails to everyone I know letting them know my show schedule--all two of them. Winter Springs the last weekend of October and the aforementioned DeLand, the weekend before Thanksgiving. It's just that I never know what to write. Imagine that--me at a loss for words!

I suppose nervousness is appropriate; the gallery is rated one of the best in our area, and how I'm included, is beyond me. In Matt's blog today he wrote a piece about seeing art in the right setting. Apparently he saw an installation of a tree sculpture in a garden setting and was underwhelmed, however, seeing a photograph of the same sculpture in an indoor art space, his appreciation was altered. Unknowingly, this was a great help to me. For one thing, it made me realize what a leap of faith people take when they buy a large piece from me. Imagining it in their home may not be quite as easy as I thought. That said, I'm hoping the pieces look good in the gallery!

When Maureen was over the other day she gave me some cute little shot glasses she'd planned to return to Marshalls. You've already figured that I'd try and do something with them haven't you? Taken with my manual focus lens, this didn't turn out so great but I'll share it nonetheless. Lisa is a big fan of little roses.

I've just discovered I'm in trouble with my iTunes library!! A little screen is appearing telling me the original file cannot be found!!! Yikes and yikes again--must be my external hard drive acting up again! Speaking of music, a month or so ago, my Nano disappeared from my car. I've done my best to lock the car at all times, but apparently it was not good enough. Bruce bought a new little shuffle (which are incredibly small!), and gave me his. How delightful it's been to listen to his music. He's kept up with new music by adding to his collection all the time, whereas I've been stuck in a rut. Talk about a silver lining.

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