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Monday, Monday

Last week just sped by and before I knew it I hadn't had time to blog but today's another story, so here we go....

Tuesday I spent my usual time at the Polasek, stopping afterward at the gallery to see what was happening. They have moved my stuff down the street to a hair salon with my permission. I know that sounds crazy but it is in a two story old house and actually looks pretty cool there. I have so many canvases at the moment that I figured, why not? Of all things I got an email the other day from someone who saw it there. Next I picked up two standing easels from my friend Nancy Flynn's cool art framing studio; I thought they might be useful at the Darden event.

Wednesday morning found me helping Maureen with making a cd for a small wedding gift. I bought my first music online, pretty simple now that I've tried it. Good thing she brought a list of songs over because I'll tell you something you probably already know---there are lots and lots of love songs but mostly they are about breaking up, not getting together. She combined some oldies, but goodies, with a few new things. After that I picked up my order at Roger's and began the process of getting things ready for the annual Darden Arts and Craft Festival. You may remember that this is my third year showing there; each year I've done better, and better.

Once I got my prints sorted out I thought I'd gone overboard on ordering. Fortunately that wasn't the case. I ended up selling 58 prints if you can imagine. I could hardly believe it myself, and I was there!

Preparing the prints looks easy, which it is, however there are multiple steps involved. I try to do it assembly line fashion which helps some. I've been out of stickers for a while now, so I've been first putting a business card in the bag, then I put a price sticker on, followed by naming and signing each one, followed by writing thank you on the foam core, and finally sealing the bag. I'd ordered 72 prints and the whole aforementioned sequence took me nearly four hours to complete. I packed the car, heading off to set up in their beautiful new building.

Showtime was 7:30AM, both Thursday and Friday, ending at 3:00PM. The space was terrific, and since I've been there three years now, I've become friendly with the other vendors. It was good and only $10 for the space! To put that into perspective, the Winter Springs show I did a few weeks ago cost around $200 to enter, and took hours and hours of time to set up, and tear down, with the end result almost the same now that I think about it. Oh well, they are both good in their own way.

I picked up the lawn mower Thursday afternoon on my way home. Turns out it was a little torn gasket causing the non-starting situation. Bruce returned very late Thursday evening after a successful trip--the restaurant was received to rave reviews, but of course, you were expecting that weren't you?

Saturday morning I got up nice and early, greeted by a beautiful day--mild temperatures with gorgeous blue skies and warm (not hot) sunshine, perfect for a chore day. Hanging the clothes on the line is one of my favorite things to do--I just love everything about it. I mowed the lawn and didn't even break a sweat, got the pool cleaned and watched an excellent FSU game.

On our way home from doing a little shopping, Bruce was driving around Lake Davis when I mentioned those crazy roosters I'd seen once. He said, "well, there they are."

I'd been by there multiple times and hadn't seen them so what was up with that? Anyway, he pulled over for me to get a few shots. Doesn't he have some magnificent colored feathers?

Mr. Bill called on Thursday afternoon with the news that their band was contacted by WJJR about opening for a band called, The Cult, on Saturday night at Hard Rock Live. Big time stuff! Although they have played there before, it was totally local, unlike this show which had paying concert goers. We spiffed ourselves up a bit and headed out there to cheer on "Exit the Ride." Little missy here, took her Nikon, hoping to get a few good shots, a misguided plan. They wouldn't let me take it in there at the outset but Bruce sweet talked the head security guy who agreed after we promised not to take it out of my purse. Originally they said I'd have to take it back to my car which if you've ever been out there you know that is not an appealing plan. For some reason the name of the band in this shot I took outside was washed out. We were proud of our boy. Dave, of course, was there as both a roadie and a cheerleader. He loves his brother.

I was hoping with the arrival of fantastic weather I'd have a good day at Eola, but it was not to be. Dismal sales, bringing me back down to earth after the Darden success story.

Just as well, I've got my biggest art show of the year coming up this weekend in DeLand. Although I've done their spring show, this one is completely different, much stiffer competition for sure. Time to get a new order together, the hardest part of the whole business. Still looking for a part time editor.....

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