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Lots of views of our sweet new house:
You can just see Baxter at the door wishing everyone would just go away!

I love how darling Bruce's amazing shed looks in this one.

I took these on Thursday afternoon and since that time we've installed two very neat metal art pieces on either side of the garage. Formally confederate jasmine vines covered the walls, cascading in front of the garage doors. After many years, vines get to looking pretty shabby; with the new look, it was time to cut them all back. Additionally, although the awning has been re-installed, I will be searching for a more complimentary fabric soon.

The guys are back today painting the fence a pale shade of gray. They spoke little English making communication a bit of a problem but their hard work spoke for them!

On Friday it was time to get ready for the show! After picking up my order, I headed straight home working for some hours preparing the prints. Although I called several people, begging them to come help me, they could not be persuaded! No worries--I got it done, although when Bruce got home from work there was no dinner waiting for him. We went over to our local Tijuana Flats for a little Mexican treat, heading to bed pretty early because, unlike most shows, this one had to be set up the morning of.

I've shown in DeLand twice now, but never at Fall Festival. The spring show is much craftier--this one is their big time one. First, I was grateful to be accepted, secondly, I really like downtown DeLand, as astute readers of this blog will remember from previous posts. Unlike other shows I've done, this one has real buyers. Everywhere you looked you could see people carrying art purchases which was fantastic. I'm especially gratified to have had sold 74 pieces during the two days, my personal best show ever. From what I gathered, people from all around look forward to it, saving just for the occasion. Loads of wonderful volunteers made the show run smoothly. The potter next to us was from Jacksonville, and he mentioned that there are no longer any shows in his area that are community-based because of a lack of volunteers. They are all run by a company called Howard Allen which charges at the minimum $350 for your space, not to mention the shows don't have that special feel that a community-based one has. They provided meals, booth sitters, and an awards party on Saturday night. Good chili with lots of toppings. The only bummer was they ran out of red wine, which truth be told, probably was a good thing as we had the drive back to Orlando to consider.

Saturday was not only extremely busy for me, but it was so tiring I didn't think I'd be able to get moving for Sunday! Leaving the house at 5:30AM, and arriving home around 8PM is a mighty long day for this lady. Naturally, I was asleep by 9. Thankfully Bruce stayed with me all day because I'd have not been able to manage on my own. There were a few lulls, but not many. Bruce copped a little nap in the shade during those times!

One of the judges was Lonnie Graham, a professor and photographer. Arriving in my booth, he studied my large pieces and proclaimed I was just on the "edge of something", whatever that means. He said he wished he had more time to talk to me, started to leave, then turned around to say more, most of which I've forgotten already. One thing I do remember is he told me to practice, as if I don't nearly every day! Yikes, I wonder what he'd have said if I hadn't been practicing all this time! Anyway, I had no pat "artsy answer" about what I was trying to say and he moved on. Meanwhile, another gentleman in my booth overheard the conversation. After Mr. Graham took leave, the other man said, I've judged shows before, he's trying to show you how smart he is. He went on to have some complimentary things to say along with some questions, which I welcome. He noted that one of the pieces, Beach Daisies, was not as sharp as some others, wondering why this was so. I told him, truthfully, if that picture were not my second best seller it would not be hanging on the wall because I do recognize the flaws! If only I could find that scene again I'd gladly re-do it, however, to date I've not seen anything that compares. Proving that the buyers like it, just before the rain forced an early closing to the show, a couple came in and bought the canvas for a gift. More on that tomorrow.

For now, I've got to move into Thanksgiving mode. I'm still really, really tired, but I'm going to get the turkey. Let the thawing begin!!
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