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Shades of Red

I'm wondering if every picture I post this month, at least until Christmas, should have either red or green as the primary color? When you've been blogging as long as I have, you've got to keep it fresh....

As if Maureen hasn't had enough trouble lately, it appears that the computer we gave her when I got my Mac is now seriously dysfunctional. How does one look for jobs, check on unemployment claims, and in general, keep up with the world without a computer? We're sorting through the options on how best to get her back up and running. Speaking of Maureen, I was remiss in not mentioning the shrimp she brought to Thanksgiving. It deserved a place of honor on the previously posted menu, but I imagine that since it went too fast for me to get a taste, it slipped my mind.

I'm wondering if I have either a virus, or an auto-immune disease, that is triggered by fatigue. Just when I think that I'll never have those pesky symptoms again, they rear their ugly head, forcing me into rest mode. Yesterday was one of those days; today isn't far behind. The painters returned this morning to finish up the punch list which included painting the insides of all three doors. They are wide open as I type, with the wind whistling through the house, not to mention flying leaves as well, keeping me home for now. In other words, I won't get out, and do too much, forcing another rest day! I did manage to get all my prints done for Sunday though, which is fantastic.

Bruce left this morning for the cold country. :(

Which reminds me of something Jonathan wants for Christmas, "dot gloves." Apparently, they have touch pads so one does not have to go without using one's iPhone during the bitter cold of a Chicago winter. They must be a hit because according to their site, they are sold out of one type, one type is too dorky, and the third won't ship until mid December, by which time Jonathan would be either frozen, or crazed from not fooling with his phone, a phenomenon I find troubling, but then again, I'm old.

The other Peck brothers should have already made an appearance in this blog; somehow I've written about other things instead of my dear sons. Here's a brief update:

succumbed to the offer of working directly for Allen & Overy. Originally he thought that working for a British firm would require him to stay in London for a specific time period, but he learned differently. Now we know he'll be there for awhile so I'm bound to have that passport ready while he's still there and we can finally visit!

Bill's band, Exit the Ride, has been playing around town with frequency which is obviously a good thing.

David is facing attorneys today. About a year ago, when the stock market meltdown was in full free-fall, some former clients sued Sun Trust, (not David,) over some investments he placed them in. To set the record straight, I want you to know that if those same folks had left their money where it was their losses would be marginal today. Moreover, they moved to another financial institution which steered them toward the same investments, but in our sue-happy society, all that is a moot point. The case has been looming all these months, but David, being David, has remained optimistic because he knew he'd done nothing wrong. Mediation didn't work about a month ago, so yesterday was the first step towards a real trial. He called last evening, worn out from more than four hours grilling by the client's attorney. His attorney coached him on Monday to answer the questions succinctly. Now if you know David even slightly, you know he tends to run on about a subject he's passionate about. Apparently, he did good. Today he faces questioning again, this time from the Sun Trust attorney. Keep him in your prayers that he'll be exonerated quickly!

So there you have a quick summary about our Peck men, although they'll always be my boys. :)

Completely changing the subject, here's a view of the gallery space at the Polasek:

If you've ever been there, you know this is pretty wild for them. They are going more modern these days, here's a link to the facebook page: Maidens & Monsters. Actually, it was more interesting than I'd previously imagined. It will be running until April so I'll get to know it pretty well.

Lastly, although I wasn't feeling so great yesterday, something happened that made me very happy. While eating lunch the phone rang, a rare occurrence these days. It was a youngish man calling from Louisiana about a canvas. It seems as if his girlfriend had seen it while visiting Orlando and has been talking about it for weeks, claiming it's the only thing she wants for Christmas. Now how nice is that?
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