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She's Back!

Where is the time going? It's not that I don't mean to blog, it's just that the days seem to be speeding up and chock full of stuff to do.

Before we go one step further, here is something I've been meaning to post for weeks now. Ever since I read this piece in Vanity Fair, Cuteness, I couldn't get over how much truth there was to what he had to say. Read it if you've got time! Specifically I've found that no matter how interesting a photograph I show of an exotic flower it will sit in my baskets for who knows how long. On the other hand, daisies, a cute flower if ever there was one, sell like crazy. Thus, as the smart businesswoman I'm becoming (haha!), I have daisies of all colors and compositions. How else to explain the popularity of "Street Art" than to say that it is cute. Most of the folks who buy it have never heard of The Smiths; that said, those who do love that band go crazy for it! In any case, cuteness prevails! Twitter anyone?
Publix's version of Christmas daisies:

The green was definitely a miss.

Since our last meeting I've had lots going on. Let's see if I can remember where the week went.

Bruce and I saw Brothers Friday night. Wow, was it intense. According to what I've read it is a remake of a much better Danish film; I thought this version was good, so can't imagine the original. Why, though, must people be recycling others ideas? The film is made by Jim Sheridan who directed one of my favorites: Coming to America. In both films he uses children so naturally; they provide much needed sweetness in a sea of despair.

Alabama rolled all over Florida in the SEC Championship game--nice.

Party at Chuck and Zoilas' house across the street. Chuck was single until just a few years ago, maybe 35 years old?, anyway, he's had an annual birthday party for years and years, which when we can, we try and show up for, if just for a little while. The party has definitely changed now that he's got two young boys under 3!

The treadmill is folded up and in the closet, making room for a fold up bed in my office. For the first time in a long time our company will have a door to close. Carol is arriving on the 15th for Lisa's 50th birthday party on Saturday. Unfortunately for those of us who have been dying to see Matthew dance again, he's arriving on the 16th, but heading to Chicago on the 17th for a visit with his Northwestern friends, so he'll miss her party on the 19th.

Shopping, that's another thing I've been doing. Not nearly as much as I need to, but I've got a start. So hard when your sons are all financially solvent and then some. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I am delighted to have that problem! I realized that when the children were growing up my shopping time and money were limited, now however, I've got both time and money, just no ideas.

This Sunday a woman came to the booth, started looking at some things and then asked me the price of a canvas. I told her and she sorta gasped. I asked, "Is that too much?" She replied, "I thought it would be much higher." A real first! She said, "I'll take it," to which you know how I responded! Furthermore she told me where she lived, a condo which my brother in law, Cris, built many years ago on the other side of Lake Eola. I'm mentioning this because my very FIRST paying customer was staying with her son at the Reeves House, the aforementioned condo building. I had a flashback to that moment. I was so, so excited, going so far as to have Lisa take my picture with her. Lisa was then kind enough to carry the piece for the woman to her place. Nice. In fact, I think I'm going to hunt for that picture......No luck finding me, but here's Lisa on March 27, 2007:

What you don't see is the empty bridge where I was once stationed. My how times have changed; the bridge is pretty much full on both sides now. This weekend, however, those vendors will have to move because they are putting in an ice skating space if you can imagine. You'll hear what I have to say about that once I've seen it with my own two eyes!

I've found some new fabric for the awning which Bruce and I will try to make when he returns from the cold country, this time, New York.

Continuing my red theme, here is the picture I took of the Strombergs last night for their Christmas card:

The Strombergs are Angela, Matt, and her son Michael. You've heard a lot about Angela, now you've seen her. One funny thing is that although I had Rogers' external flash, I was hoping to use the ambient light, thus I brought my tripod over which proved to be too short for the likes of them. Both Angela and Matt are over 6 feet tall!

Tuesday morning, 8:00, means time to get ready for the museum. Till we meet again..
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