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As I reached for the phone in the semi-darkness, probably around 8 last night, I knew the caller wouldn't know that I was already in bed. It was Cris calling to inquire about some details regarding the estate. Immediately apologizing for waking me, he suggested I must have a cold like everyone else he knew. No, I explained, it isn't a cold. Same old, same old. I described it thus: I'm like an inner tube that deflates over time, becoming useless until air is restored to the tube. Yeah, that's me. Busy, busy, busy, and then out of the blue, I'm worn out. Or to put it another way, I look and sound as if I've run out of gas.

As fate would have it, the phone rang a bunch yesterday, unlike most days when it is merely calls from solicitors of one kind or another. Bruce, Regina, Maureen, Bill, and Cris, all called and had to hear that voice. When Angela came over around six, she asked if I'd just gotten up from a nap because I looked so puny.

Here's what I didn't do yesterday: make the bed, wash the dishes from Sunday night, although I did manage to put them in soapy water, blog, or for that matter very much at all. I did lay in the sun for a bit after having some lunch. It felt so good!
Not to worry though because after all that sleep I'm a new woman! This picture is much more than you'd first imagine. For one thing, you can see that I bought a new "baby" camera. I'm not so used to it just yet, but I'm practicing. Speaking of which I read this quote the other day which I wanted to share by some man named Percy W. Harris. Now, I've no clue who he is but I liked the quote: "Skill in photography is acquired by practice, not purchase." And here's another one: "Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology." Sounds like my kind of guy!

Anyway, you can also see my favorite mug, a plain white one. Do not, I implore you, assume that because I have a baby picture of Matt on my dresser, that I love him the most. I do love him like crazy, just like all of my sons, but I've kept this because my mom had it on her dresser for nearly thirty years. Actually, looking at the picture, Matt is overly represented, by both the antique clock and the bamboo in a bottle, (merely coincidental). Hopefully you can see the little round orange treasure holder from Bruce, as well as the tray, my most recent treasure. I don't even remember where I found it among Mom Peck's things, hidden away somewhere, but it's a very cool retro tiled dish in shades of pink, perfect for holding the gold bracelet when I'm not wearing it. And, maybe, just maybe, you can see that I'm looking perkier this morning. I've already emptied the dishwasher, finished those dishes in the sink, put the pool cleaner to work, and changed the sheets. I will say that putting my hand in the cold, cold water of the pool was no picnic.

That's what really set this off. The unending cold. As I began telling you with my last post, Bruce saved me on Saturday. The short and bittersweet version is that around noon, I see him coming across the parking lot with a large bag in tow. Coming over to my spot, he removes my shoes and places not only the Uggs on my feet, but a pair of wool socks to boot! Is that a pun I just wrote??? The other vendors watched in amazement. What a difference they made! I may just have to change the name of this blog to: In Praise of Bruce, which would embarrass him greatly. BTW-I know it's not as cold here as where some of my dear readers are from, and for that I apologize for my whining, but really, it's way too cold for us.

Returning to yesterday's post: How about that mess? Not only did I reorganize my kitchen cabinets, but the overflow one as well. Looking very tidy, if I do say so myself.

It's Tuesday morning so my faithful clan knows that means I'd better quit blogging and get ready for the museum.
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