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My Most Ardent Fan

After watching Julie & Julia last night I knew exactly what today's post would be about--my most ardent fan, Bruce! This is taken in our garage, which used to look like the other rooms of our home, neat and tidy. It's still tidy on most days, but all of Bruce's work space has mostly been taken up with my prints. Here he is preparing to wrap all the photo desk calendars he gave as Christmas gifts to his friends. These days he won't let me photograph him as often as I'd like, so this is the best I could come up with. Actually, I took photos of Bruce and Jonathan on Friday before we left for the visitation. but both of them look so somber (as expected), they won't want them shared.

Both of the husbands in the movie supported their wives obsessions, sometimes at the expense of their own interests. The "Camera Crazy" side of me could relate to the blogging aspect of the movie, particularly after beginning her blog at her husband's suggestion, Julie wondered if anyone was reading what she'd written. That's the last time I related, as she became famous, attracting readers like nobodies business. After three years of blogging, I have SEVEN followers, most of whom are related to me! That's OK though because this blog is for me as much as it is for anyone else. With my failing memory, I now have documentation of what life was like during my 50's.

For years I'd begin a journal in January, however, my faithfulness waned pretty quickly. My success rate with calendars was marginally better, but even there, details were brief at best. I've amazed myself with three years of blogging, although unlike Julie in the movie, I can't make it happen daily. Seriously, she became so obsessed with comments, and readers, her husband wanted to kill her! I can safely say, to the best of my knowledge, Bruce has never had the urge.

After encouraging me to go to Valencia, he patiently listened to all my gripes with professors and coursework I didn't like. He's always complimenting my writing, and of course, there is the Christmas gift of the digital camera, followed by the starting of a business. Now, if it had been up to me, I'd have taken photos for the sheer fun of it, however, as most of you know, Bruce encouraged my efforts, suggesting I might be able to sell them. Receiving a no the first time we inquired at the market about a space, I was OK with that. Bruce, not so much. He tried again, this time getting the go-ahead. You might be wondering why it was that Bruce was doing the asking, and the truth is, I was embarrassed to do so.

He then set about devising a plan to display our prints, making a nifty folding screen which attached to the back poles of the booth. He's really the genius in our family, however, he downplays his part in everything, preferring to make others the center of attention. I recently saw this on flickr: A Customer on Flickr - Photo Sharing!, my very first customer, taken March 2007. I can still remember the excitement of that moment, all thanks to my dear, dear, husband.

Julia Child's husband Paul encouraged her every step of the way it seems. Imagine how many conversations they engaged in during the EIGHT years it took to create and publish her masterpiece. Although it is not part of my cookbook library, I've read that his photography greatly enhanced her work, giving life to the recipes.

Bruce doesn't do the photography part of our business, but you well know that if it weren't for his muscles, I'd never be able to sell a thing. The set up is incredibly heavy and complicated, however, he's got it down to a science. Never once has he complained about how much time it takes to set up, nor for that matter has he complained he'd rather be doing something else. All, because he's my most ardent fan. Furthermore, there is the matter of the spreadsheet he created last year to help me be better informed regarding my progress. He's got columns for everything! So far, this year, it's mostly empty but ready for action soon we hope!

They used to say that behind every successful man, there was a woman. In our case, I think it goes both ways...

So, although there is still much to be written about the depressing turn of events we've just been through, something just a little more upbeat for today, my dear readers, and I do know there are at least seven of you.
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