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I Lied

Yep. I lied. I worked on my photo library. Maybe not as much as I should have but it's a small start. Seriously, I have so many duplicates, similar photographs, and just plain bad stuff. Actually, I purged more than one thousand pictures I think. My trash can got so full on the desktop I had to empty it multiple times. One of the things that is super cool about a Mac is the sound the trash can makes when it's emptying. I know that sounds crazy, but I kid you not!

Today's post will be a little hodge podge. Here we go:

This apartment in the Hamptons is to die for. Our rope chair featured on slide one is not in nearly as good shape.
There's just something about orange that feels so right to me.

Backtracking to Monday, I couldn't bring myself to go out back once I discovered this:

For weeks I'd seen the parents carrying food to the nest in the Spanish bayonet high over our house.
I'm not sure if the baby mockingbird was heading out of the nest for the first time, landing in the pool rather than taking off.  Thank goodness it was a Monday! Bruce was good enough to give it a little burial. 

I alternate days of staying in and going out.  I managed to find things to do around the house, however on Thursday because Baxter's food was nearly empty, my hand was forced. On my way back from Whole Foods I went by a house on Bumby that has a lovely garden. The vibrant zinnias forced me to stop:
Pretty lucky the butterflies were swarming huh?

If you can imagine I've taken a little hankering to watching golf. As you know my television watching is minimal, however once college football season arrives, you'll find me making time for games. A few weeks ago I watched the Augusta National, enjoying both the beautiful scenery and the quiet commentary. One of the reasons I don't like lots of shows is because they are SO loud. I suspect because I spend so much time alone, I'm a little more sensitive to noise. Anyway, golf seems like the rules are easy to follow. While watching college football, my understanding of the positions and strategy is almost laughable. Nonetheless this doesn't keep me from enjoying every minute. So far what I don't understand about golf is the clubs they use under different circumstances. The outfits are really something. John Daly wore the most amazing gigantic print, purple paisley pants in the British Open. His defense of the outfit? "If you get dressed in the dark, every shirt will match."

I'm ashamed to admit how long it's been since I last cleaned the floor in the sun room. One year? This morning after attaching my Shuffle I forced myself into cleaning mode. Many, many years ago Matt convinced me to buy a floor steam cleaner by Eureka, the "EnviroSteamer." You attach a pad to the bottom, fill a reservoir with water, and plug it in. Soon thereafter, steam begins rising, and off you go. I suspect you don't much care to do floor care either. Am I right? There's really no plausible excuse for my delay because the ES makes it so simple. So there it is. Pure laziness.

This week I've sent in my last two applications for fall shows. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I'll receive an acceptance letter from Winter Park, Ocala, and DeLand.  
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