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I can hardly imagine that after more than 700 posts, I've yet to use this title, however, it seems as if that is the case. Once I begin typing in the the title bar, previous names pop up, allowing me to not repeat myself. I've a feeling you wouldn't remember either way, but I might. I can hardly believe I've just typed that about myself. With my memory--preposterous!

Anyway, when I began my little business more than three years ago I chose the name Out & About Photography because that's what I mostly did. The baby camera and I went in search of photographic subjects near and far. It worked fairly well until the day I photographed the flowers on Bruce's desk successfully. Remember this:

I discovered that I could take photos at home that people would like, much to my everlasting gratitude. Furthermore, it's a lot easier than traveling around in all sorts of weather. Creativity and ingenuity is what it takes, which is challenging in its' own right. But you knew that already, didn't you?

That doesn't mean that I've lost my passion for scouting photo opportunities out and about. Far from it. This morning was one of those times I just had to find something to photograph, even if I'd tried it before.  Hmmm...where to go? Downtown, of course. Pulling up near the graffiti complex, I noticed an unusual amount of homeless people milling about down the street. Nevertheless, I parked and made my way across the field to get a closer look at the amazing new work of Decoy. He's the wonderfully talented artist who did both the Warhol and Hendrix stencil art on parts of this building. He's also done some darker work and this one fits that bill:

I've heard from loads of folks that clowns scare them, a phenom that puzzles me. This clown, on the other hand, is not one I'd like to run into...

As I was walking towards this piece, I heard a woman call out to me. Turning around to face her, she asked me to take her picture. This is not the first time a homeless person has made such a request, another thing that puzzles me. Usually I oblige and this time was no exception. Chatting with me, while holding her plates of food from the Coalition for the Homless, Yvonne told me she was on facebook and wondered if I'd post the picture on her wall! Now that really surprised me. Apparently she moves in and out of homelessness, depending on the job market. This explained why I was seeing so many folks--lunchtime! Makes me feel extra grateful for my life.

You might note that she's wearing a jacket because, baby there's a definite chill in the air.

Most of yesterday these guys kept their jackets on as well:

Tilling the ground prior to removing the spotty grass and installing the new sod.

Wouldn't you know it--they ran out of sod before completing the area where Bruce's sign was located.

There was plenty of drama yesterday with Bruce returning from his trip just in time to get involved. The irrigation system would not come on no matter what we tried. The sod installer called their irrigation specialist to come check it out, because, Lord knows, we didn't want to put in that much sod with no sprinkler system.! He couldn't figure it out, so instead of heading to his office from the airport Bruce detoured home. Still no success. After multiple suggestions as to what could be wrong, it was determined that the mother board of the system up and died on us earlier this week. Maybe all the overwork trying to revive a dying lawn? Anyway, luckily he had a new system on his truck which he installed successfully and water is now flowing like manna.

While all that was going on I decided to clean out my makeup drawer, or really basket. Here's yours truly in her darling top:
The color is slightly off, but you get my drift.

As you well know, I love Florida State football. Actually, more often than not in recent years it's been more pain than pleasure, but I stick with them no matter what. As if they cared... Game time in 30 minutes my friends! Go Noles!
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