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Tuesday Already?

I began yesterday morning with all good intentions of getting to my blog, however, first I had to put together the album from the market which I hadn't gotten to Sunday evening.  Just before doing so, I checked Matt's blog finding the stunning video of Mary Chapin Carpenter singing one of my favorites. Seriously, I love that song. It makes me cry each and every time I hear it and this time was no different. If you've not heard it before I suggest you take a listen. Plus, she looks just lovely.

These days I do laundry on Monday. It seems to move to a different day every two months or so depending on Bruce's travel schedule. Hanging laundry is a simple pleasure now that my space is so, so nice.

Most days I go about my business without a list, but yesterday was an exception. I needed focus, which my list provided, however, blogging never had a chance what with all I needed to accomplish. We were super excited to have Steve and Barb over for dinner. Steve may be Bruce's best friend at work, but he never, and I mean never accepted any invitations in the past. Now that he's got a wonderful girlfriend, she must have been the one to agree. In any case, he'd not been here for maybe ten years, so we were anxious to have them as our guests. What with the ongoing warm weather, we naturally ate outside with torches flickering, pool light flashing, and you know, the whole ambiance thing...

The grass saga continues......Bruce, has taken it to new heights as innumerable promises for replacement go unmet. Saturday morning he made this sign for our yard, sending it to not only the newspaper, but 100 or so of his closest friends. When S & B arrived Steve suggested taking it to a new level with night lighting. Bruce was all over that idea:
It's been amusing watching people slow their cars to read it, not to mention walkers and cyclists. Now, if only it will shame them into keeping their promise!

Saturday morning Roger, the irrigation guy, not to be confused with Mr. Roger, the printer, arrived to complete the planting. I labored over this area, finally deciding on flax lilies to compliment the jatropha plants. I am super pleased with the outcome. Here's a couple of looks:

I was thinking yesterday that the more stuff you have, the more you have to maintain. I, for one, am thrilled my house is not TOO big! The pool cleaner is on the glider awaiting return to the pool in another week or so which won't be a moment too soon as the leaves begin their annual descent into the pool. Apparently the finish needs time to cure before using it once again.

While finishing my preparations for our company, Matt phoned for our bi-weekly chat. Unfortunately, in retrospect, I realized I monopolized the conversation, hardly letting him get a word in edgewise.  As such, he never got to mention this: Imagine! If I'd been him it would have been the first words out of my mouth! Furthermore, the photo he used is one I took, maybe two years ago, so that made me happy as well! Our man in London my friends. As well, the reason he posted the video of MCC was because he saw her on Saturday night, her first gig in London in over ten years. His concert review--outstanding. Of course, you knew that already I'm sure.

In other son news, Jonathan and Alissa are heading to Austin. Not for a vacation again, but for a new life. Naturally, I'm anxious about the move, however, I'm doing my best to see it as an adventure. You're only young once.

As well, last week I mentioned picking Dave up from the airport. What I didn't tell you at the time was that he was attending a SunTrust conference reserved for their top 100 investment specialists. Dave was right up there.  Please forgive me for making a small exception in my bragging policy.

Book reviews on this site have been few and far between of late, mostly because the remodel/art shows have claimed much of my time. Secondly, most of the novels I've begun have not been engaging enough to keep me reading. The last compelling novel I read was American Youth.

Yes, it is Tuesday already and as such time to get ready for the Polasek. In fact, I just realized I need to get ready ASAP. So long for now.....
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