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Up to Speed!

I knew my computer was running slowly, just didn't realize how slow. Now, my friends, I'm zipping around my computer once again. As well, when I left you on Friday evening I shared with you that I did not curse or shout at the Apple folks. I did. Only it was later when they wouldn't let Nick call me because he was helping others and they respect their customers time. Yeah, right!

It's not something I'm proud of but the store managers cavalier attitude made me do it. I blew up using words that don't jump easily or often from my lips. I hung up after he said he'd connect me to Apple Care. I'd had enough. Well, when I called Roger a bit later to order a few prints for Sunday I told him my woes. He offered to come by after he and Trish went out to eat and I jumped at the chance.

It's been dry around these parts, very, very dry. Friday after finishing my blog post, the heavens opened up taking care of that, dropping over an inch and a half of rain in short order. Looking out the kitchen door I saw that a large branch from Herb and Corrine's massive oak tree fell, landing sideways across their driveway. Not as large as ours, however, way too big for Herb, aged 82, to mess with. Bruce to the rescue! Donning our work gloves, we headed over for Bruce to use the chain saw and me to clean up. By now, the rain was mostly done for the night.

And that's where Roger and Trish found us when they arrived. Fortunately for me, Roger, the computer engineer Roger, not to be confused with the printer Roger (one and the same really), sat down and rebuilt the files in pretty short order. I don't really know how long it took because it was still working when we went to bed, but it's looking good folks. Hurray!

Saturday morning before sunrise, Bruce and I, mostly Bruce, planted some super cool flowers around the new tree. Mostly Bruce because there are ginormous roots making digging very challenging. I'll show you what the red ones look like in another post. Speaking of the tree, here's another shot of that bird we liked so well.
You'll notice the touch of orange under the gray wing which is what allowed us to identify this bird using the Audubon bird book Bruce's mom gave us some years ago. A tufted titmouse is the name. I've not seen it again, however, working at his desk yesterday while I was at the market, Bruce saw several of them. By the way, the dead leaves pictured are just from the transport--so far, so good.

The downpour of Friday night showed us a drainage problem just outside the back door which Bruce set about fixing on Saturday afternoon. Guess what? More rain once he got started. He's taking shelter under his canoe in this picture, however, not for long. He just got out there and worked.

The grass is finally coming along nicely, don't you think? Because of all this digging by dinner time he was pretty worn out. Earlier we'd discussed going out; instead after rustling up some food, we sat down for a Friday Night Lights marathon. Calling Jonathan, I told him I'd cried my way through the first episode. It is SO good. He assured me it wouldn't be the last time! I checked it out online, discovering that they do no rehearsals, use only three moving cameras, and let the actors ad lib when they feel it is appropriate. I knew it had a very organic (I know, overused word but the only one that will do) feel to it. I am hooked! Sadly, bedtime rolled around leaving us wanting for more. Another marathon session soon, very soon.

The rain continued most of the night, with thunder and lightening waking us several times. Waking to a drizzle, not to mention soaked everything, we pondered our about the market. The forecast was for some rain in the middle of the day with blue skies and cooler temperatures to follow. So, we went. Bruce dreamed up another easier set up which I think we may use for the hot months. The weather cooperated nicely, with not a drop of rain and indeed cooler temperatures. People came, some people bought, not quite as many as I wanted but I'm getting used to it now. I did enjoy my day, despite the sales slump, because so many folks came to visit. That's the nice thing about having been at the market for so long, people know me. Some people even like me.

Switching gears, I've got two articles from, you know where, to share: Keeping Up With Fashion , and then there is this: I Wish I Said This 
The fashion one is fun and clever, the food claims article more serious but important I think. Either people are pretty gullible, or, science is the new religion. Whereas once lots of folks believed that God appointed the time for our birth and death, nowadays, they seem to think relying on "science" is the way to go. Who is really in charge?  Ask those folks in Alabama about that. Or Louisiana, or Japan, or wherever "natural" disasters occur. Hmmm.....

After that little rant, how about if I leave you with something so beautiful it gives me pause?
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