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Shiny Loafers

There are those amongst you who are probably dying to know what I wore to the reunion. Years ago I might have given it much thought prior to the event, even going so far as to buy or make a new outfit. In fact, while discussing the upcoming reunion with Matt, he recalled the homemade dress I wore to the 20th reunion. According to him, the coral lace overlay sheath I made would be right in style today. Well......never one to doubt my son, I had confirmation while waiting for Monica. Browsing through the August 2011 Vogue magazine, I immediately saw what he was talking about. Sure enough, the Dolce and Gabbanna ad featured something similar. Too funny. I'd wear it someplace special if I only still had it.

I'm including the Reunion album that I put together for those interested in comparing Bruce and I to the rest of the group. A caveat, it is heavy on Bruce.  If you look carefully at picture number 22, you will see your favorite blogger in the mirror on the right. If you don't go to the trouble to look I'll tell you I wore black knit skinny jeans, sort of like jeggings, a black camisole with a white over blouse. All very nice. Not long before I got dressed Baxter started barking his little head off signaling someone near the house. Indeed, a package was sitting on the front porch. I'd completely forgotten a new pair of shoes that I had to have from Nordstrom. Obviously I bought them during the half yearly sale; they shipped them to me about a week later after finding my size at another store. Made by Via Spiga.
Awesome cobalt patent leather! So you see the shiny top, here's a view from the side:
Terrific! I decided after opening the box to wear them to the reunion. In fact, I want to wear them all the time. When I was a girl I had to shine my Weejun loafers every day after school so I appreciate the fact that I'll never once have to polish these!

For the last two years this would be the week I'd be preparing for the DeLand Art Festival, however, since I was not chosen to be one of the artists, I'm happy to be doing the annual Darden Art & Craft festival. Later on today I'll head over and set things up for what I hope will be a good two days. Taking the advice of my friend Lois I sent my jury notice back with this event as an excuse. According to the paperwork if you don't hear back from them consider your excuse valid. Today's mail is their last chance to say no.

It used to be that I had to hunt down flowers in others gardens but that is no longer the case. I'm finding that I'm falling in love with purple flowers like these adorable violas:
Not to mention the purple flowers on the left which are blooming profusely. Fantastic! As well, the bougainvillea is coming along nicely. Funny, after reading that they must be kept fairly dry to bloom, mine seems to have come to life after the recent monsoon. There was so much water in the pot I had to have Bruce tip it because it is way too heavy for the likes of me.
The ever present backdrop is the swimming pool. You know how I use it for that every chance I get. In keeping with the red and yellow theme in the backyard I planted these red petunias last week:
A slight rain this morning provided the water droplets.

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. Good grief it was a zoo what with all the gigantic people on those little scooters and parents using these gigantic push carts with their children. What was I thinking going to the grocery store around 5? I did, however, see the mother of one of Jonathan's dearest childhood friends which was nice. Did I ever tell you the story of Maureen and I in Chinatown looking for cheap stuff for our boys? It was the craziest thing to look up and see Pam, her daughter and sister, doing the very same thing. I keep imagining that happening to Matthew in London. One of these days he'll run into someone he knows from his past.

Speaking of Matt, he's in Casablanca today. That makes four continents this year. Not bad for a small town boy.... He will be coming to North America one week from today. He's much like his parents, always happy for a project. I wonder what we'll come up with while he's here aside from cooking? I can think of one thing though--the remaining carpet we have in the house is looking like it needs to go. What to put in it's place is the question of the day. Matt is sure to have an opinion.

A while back Nancy suggested that I would just love this film:
Ordering it from the library it finally arrived last week. Loved it. What a character he is. I'm adopting one of the lines from the movie because although we shoot different subjects, Bill and I share one thing in common. He calls himself a "fraud" as a photographer. Suits me to a tee.

Just as I suspected, after washing my hair this morning, I cannot make it do what Monica can. Not bad though.

Thanks for reading,

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