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Too much information. 24/7.

I don't know about you, but, frankly, I'm tired of it.

Although I've raised four sons, I still don't understand the male mind any better than when I was growing up in a houseful of girls. I do have one brother, however, he remains a mystery as well.

What is it with powerful men??? Jerry Sandusky. Need I say more? I could list many more, as I suspect you could as well, but let's not. PLEASE make them stop.

The other day I was saying to Bruce that there is much wrong with this new world we're living in. I believe one of those things is 24/7 news coverage which, to my way of thinking, only makes people anxious and depressed. It's not like I can do a thing about the debt crisis in Greece, or the floods in Bangkok, or anything for that matter. All I can do is worry about my own actions and hope my children behave themselves.

Jobs. Where are the jobs? Gone by way of the internet. The New York Times posed the question--are cookbooks becoming  obsolete? Isn't everything?  I know, I know, the internet has created jobs, just not nearly enough. My normally optimistic nature is cracking a wee bit. Of course, without the internet I would have never been able to write, something I've always wanted to do. A two-edged sword perhaps?

Enough with the crankiness! How about we do some sunlight, shadow, and reflections today? You're not interested? Skip the rest!

As I sat at my desk yesterday morning, this light spoke to me..

Inside, after opening the front door the light shone on my little pretties,
Remember I told you about those damn squirrels knocking over the bird feeder, spilling hundreds of sunflower seeds? Nice--they are sprouting in between the bricks....
Now, that's one thing, but more importantly they have actually gnawed a HOLE in Bruce's kayak!!!
Can you believe it??? Matthew is bringing me a super duper bird feeder from England this month when he comes to visit, guaranteed to keep squirrels away. Wonder if he has any ideas on how we can keep them from eating even more of the kayak!!! (This picture doesn't fit into my stated category, but I knew you'd want to know the latest.)

Sewing was on yesterday afternoon's agenda. I'm making some Christmas gifts.
Once again, my neighbor's big truck woke me this morning as he was leaving at 5:30. Hmmm....

With such nice weather, walking Baxter is great, that is if he'll keep up a pace faster than a dawdle. The best way I know to achieve success on that front is to take him to a park; today it was the Urban Wetlands Park off  Mills Avenue. The park is filled with Cypress trees which are just beginning to change color, from a very bright green, to sort of a burnt orange. Not all of them though, especially ones in this shady area:
So, you notice the water is that weird green? Covered with a good type of algae. As well, take a look at all the bare limbs. All over the park, aside from this area, I saw piles and piles of clipped limbs, which give the trees a decidedly different look.
I took this when I first got to the park, prior to seeing the piles. No wonder the trees looked so different.
I was really hoping to see some birds, but that was not to be. Except, I did see this heron, a little different type than I've seen before.
I sure wish I'd not cut off his reflection. I'm thinking you won't mind.

You may be wondering how it is that I'm writing when I should be playing bridge. Sadly, we once again do not have a foursome. Lots going on with the ladies.

Finally, I received an email regarding a picture I took of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. My response was that I'm happy they are still using it, and even happier that I have no need to return!

Hope you're having a happy day,
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