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According to Plan

Don't you just love it when your day goes according to plan? In my case, most of the time my plans might be termed fluid, however this morning I had a plan, and it worked! Surprise, surprise.

I began by ignoring this space until I returned from my duties. Typically I'll wake up with some ideas, sitting myself right down in front of the computer to write. Typically this makes me late. So I stayed away until now when I should be cleaning or something. Just this morning while driving I realized that aside from running the dishwasher, sweeping the kitchen floor and changing the sheets, I've not done one lick of cleaning. Should Nancy be reading this, rest assured I'll do better next week.

Here's what happened: I had a custom order!!! Can you believe it? Me neither. Anyway, I picked up the 10 prints on my way to bridge yesterday (won some, lost some), doing the signing and packaging last evening. Plus, once I returned from shopping yesterday afternoon, there was an email from Mayanne asking if possible, could she order two more of a different print? Sure thing was what I had to say about that. Mr. Roger was kind enough to print last night, leaving them on the porch for me to pick up this morning on my way to deliver the others.
I am more than delighted that my buyer bought local, after all, they are going to local people, so why not keep it all in Orlando?

And then it was off to the Polasek. Haven't heard that name in this space for a while have you? I've been taking a break, which may or may not continue. Today, however, I went to help Trudy whose emails are so plaintive I couldn't say no this time. There is a weird exhibit there--Russian Propaganda from the Cold War.
It's not often one sees Cyrillic in Orlando now is it? Bizarre right? I'm happy to say that my boredom level was very low because there were 12 visitors, almost a record for me. Plus, while there, Trudy flattered me by saying how much she loved reading this here blog. There was a time when anyone could ge me to do anything by complimenting my children--alas, this blog is now my child.

Since Randy Knight left the gardens in early summer, the wonderful Pam Paisley has been overseeing things somewhat. Trying to streamline the maintenance she removed about a gazillion pots which needed daily waterings. Things still looked nice, or at least as nice as they can in early December.
All righty now, we are caught up for today, but how about yesterday you ask. Let's see, what did happen yesterday aside from bridge? First off I ate, only after photographing of course, one of the tangerines Kathy gave me on Sunday from their trees. I'm a tangerine nut. Love how easy they are to peel, the flavor, the seeds, not so much.
I snuck in a photograph of one of Angela's blooming amaryllis which, believe me, is stunning in person. Multi-layered it is.
Although I don't think the name is Candy Cane, it should be! Bridge was good; I remembered more than I thought possible.

And then there was some shopping to complete. I only came across this today, Made in America, and I wasn't totally successful but I was mindful nonetheless. The reason for my haste in shopping boiled down to shipping. The longer I waited, the more it cost. Coming out of Nordstrom I thought the green trees loaded with red berries against a cloudy sky was worth photographing.
Maybe you don't? I've been keeping my fixed lens on the Olympus which makes composing photos very interesting. Challenging in some respects. Always sharpening my skills.

I packed it all up last night, forgoing beautiful wrapping in favor of plain tissue paper. Sorry M & T. After sealing the package I walked into my office to discover I'd left something homemade out. Well, duh! I slit the bottom open and did my best to stuff it in that way. More tape.

A post office run was first on my agenda this morning--see, I told you things had to go smoothly; for once I wanted to be on time to the museum! Lady luck was on my side today BECAUSE, not one single person was in line!!! I filled out the paperwork, paid my $31.00 (crazy!) and I was headed to Mr. Roger's house in record time. Because he lives blocks from the downtown core, heading to the law office was a breeze. After finding a parking place, I walked the three blocks, handed over the goods and sailed over to the museum. According to plan....perhaps I should do more planning in the future?

Maybe I should start now? As in spruce this house up a bit before my honey arrives home from a very hard week. Sounds like a plan to me.

Happy weekend friends,

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