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This came in the mail shortly after my last post:

Dear Gail

Thanks very much for sending your blog to us. I’ve circulated it around the office and everyone thinks it’s great! We love the picture of the Lantern feeder with the Cardinal, I’d love to have Cardinals in the UK!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kind regards
Jacqui Cudd
Office Manager

And then there's this:

Dear Gail,

Thank you for contacting AppleCare.

Apple has agreed to send you a(n) MICHAEL KORS ZIP WLLT iPH4 BLK PYTHN-ZML. I will be handling the product order, and following up with you to confirm that you have received it.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call me at 512-674-2500 x 40390. If I am unable to answer, please leave a message. I will call you back within one business day to answer your questions. Please reference your Case ID (270461930) at the beginning of your message.

Jesse Borjas
Corporate Customer Care Administration

Funny how Jacqui from The Nuttery didn't say a word about the squirrel! I vacillated on how to respond to the email in light of our new discovery. In the end, I went with honesty, of course, adding I regretted to do so. 

At least my time with Apple was not entirely spent in vain. I successfully purchased the phone insurance and what's more, as you see from the above email, they are giving me a Christmas gift. At the end of our conversation, Brian, the last gentleman I spoke with, offered me something for my trouble. He suggested I look on the Apple website for a phone accessory under $100. Because I already have my cute little purple cover I couldn't imagine what else I could possibly need until I saw 
this. Well now. 

The other day on my way to Clemons after my WalMart run, I drove through the peacock neighborhood. Oh my goodness! I counted over 50! The male tail feathers were not their summer length but beautiful just the same. I love the golden tips.
It seems as if I always find some cool cat while I'm in that neighborhood. I vacillated on which one to show you because they were both so cute. This one is on a mission:
Because I now have the handy search thing going on with my blog I checked last year's posts from around this time. Just as I recalled we'd already endured some freezing weather by now. I should have known it wasn't going to be nearly as cold because the acorn drop, while large, was nothing compared to last years. There's something to be said watching the natural world for clues. This one, on the other hand, really took me by surprise.
You've seen the peach blossom before, in fact, possibly more than you cared to, however, you have NEVER seen it this early. While walking Baxter the other afternoon I was floored to see it blooming already. I knew the camellias were starting early, but seriously, this one is a real shocker. From what I can tell, it seems to be about a month early. Our backyard is awash in color; for that matter so is the side yard. I was thinking our typical winter is like an English summer, milder temperatures and the sun not so blazing hot. As such, everything is blooming with ease. There are the pansies you saw, petunias, impatiens, jatropha, hibiscus, bougainvillea (finally!), purple, peach, red and pink geraniums, red salvia, white and purple angelonias, and those dahlias I keep raving about. Gorgeous everywhere! That said, a little cooler weather would be welcome this time of the year. Nothing in the forecast however. Bruce was in the Boston area yesterday, saying it was warmer than usual there as well.

After bridge yesterday I stopped at the Maitland Art Center gift shop for a unique gift for Bruce. Nothing doing. I did walk through the grounds and their water lily pond was responding to the weather much like my yard. Lots of blooms. This one will probably open any day.
Fuchsia perhaps?

Wrapping gifts is underway here, particularly since I bought some bows. Frequently discussed is  Bruce's prowess at gift wrapping, particularly ribbons. In his absence I'm relying on pre-made bows.
That's some gift tag isn't it. Messing with the soft focus on the camera....

Speaking of gifts, this blogger must get going to do more of that wrapping after a late breakfast. Reminder to self--eat before blogging.

Happy weekend to all,
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