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Practice, Practice, Practice

For five years now I've been taking photographs most every day. To some folks that may sound crazy and it probably is, however, I've been on a learning curve. Even though I know how to take photographs, just as an athlete practices every day, so do I. A slight exaggeration in the previous sentence--I'm still pretty clueless on how the camera actually works!!

Nonetheless, I've managed to amass a huge amount of photographs of a multitude of subject matter. Seriously huge. Truth be told, I have no real idea how many I have, but believe me, it is a lot!! Which actually may work in my favor if everything goes well with Sun Dance Graphics. Yesterday I received the contract which is having a going over by an attorney friend of Matthew. WHO CAN BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME????? I can't. Oh my, oh my!

Between the Etsy business, my every weekend gig, the new car and vacation, my blogging schedule has been so erratic for which I apologize. As well, Bill and Dave turned 33 on Sunday with little fanfare I might add. When your children are all grown up as mine are, gift giving becomes somewhat difficult. Adding to that, when your children earn more money than the parents things get very tricky indeed. That said, this year both Bill and David had a gift in mind. We are renewing David's membership in a card grading group--don't ask me the details they are so crazy.

Bill, on the other hand, wanted a palm tree for his front courtyard. I knew just the place--Palm Gardens where we purchased all our landscaping plants when we remodeled. Because Bill is taking the week off from work, he and I drove out there in the new car. I say car but really it's a big boy. Sort of like a taller version of the old station wagon I drove when all the boys were at home. For those of you worrying about the gas mileage, it's not great but it is better than many vehicles of the same size. Moreover, I drive so little that it should be of no real consequence. Feel better?  I knew you would.

They had the palm but couldn't put it in the ground for two more weeks. Bill, taking matters into his own hands, rented a truck and put it in the ground himself today with the help of two of the maintenance men from his condo complex. Why would he need help you ask? The palm weighed 600 pounds!!!! I ran over earlier this afternoon to take a look:
Bill is wearing the black shirt on the right. Once a mother, always a mother. The temperature today was 94 and black is not the color of shirt to be wearing in the sun. "Bill honey, can you change into a white shirt?" I know, I know, he's 33!!

Monday afternoon Matt called to catch up. This is one funny picture here:
Four layers, or make that five? The blue is my computer background, the orange writing on the left is the blog dashboard, Picasa is next over that and then Face Time over that. Note the large glasses Matthew is wearing--the next trend and you saw it here!! Finally, there is your favorite blogger taking the photograph! Tom is in the background on the right looking very spiffy indeed. The two of them were helping me with Etsy ideas. Is it any wonder I'm a bit of a crazed woman these days??

My poor Bruce has an infected leg, so much so that he had to go to the doctor for antibiotics which are slow in doing their work. I took this photo of him at the market on Sunday.
That's a cute little shirt he's wearing that I found at Ross. I was hanging and he was resting his leg. Lately he's not had to travel much, amazing I know, but this week he left on Monday. As I type he's heading home from the airport. I'm anxious to see how his leg is coming.

I've not shown you the world's cutest dog for a while have I? The scarf lets you know he's just been groomed:
Take a look at that orchid I mentioned which is going plum crazy!
It was so top heavy with blooms that I had to wrap it a bit around the umbrella pole.

When the dog groomer was here last Thursday she had some kind things to say about our home which is always nice to hear. I think one reason people like our place is because there is a lot to look at.
A crazy mix of things, new, old, organic and whatever suits our fancy--that's mostly what we surround ourselves with and it seems to work. The morning sun always lights this table up. It seems as if the current bird nest has been abandoned so very soon you'll be seeing it. Still no baby sighting which worries me some.

When I visited the Whiteds two weeks ago I came home with a plant stand covered with rust. Well, that's not entirely true, some of it was, some of it was weary. Taking it out in the yard, I primed it and then spray painted it white.
Ten pot holders in all! Although I looked for some plants to fill it all up nice and pretty, I couldn't make up my mind just yet.

All in all, it's nice to be busy, just not this busy. Be sure and remind me of that when I don't have much to do will you?

Bruce is home, his shin looks pretty bad, and he's soaking it in the swimming pool as I type. He had a mole or something come off, and somehow, infection set in. Two full days of antibiotics haven't changed it much, but hopefully, tomorrow will be a turning point. Unpacking his suitcase, he handed me the USA Today. I said, please no article on Trayvon! He knows me well--a lengthy piece on Anne Tyler, one of my most favorite authors of all time. I can't wait to read it.

Maybe it was serendipity, don't know, but this article from the New York Times seems like it was meant for me. The recent developments around here are not in the same league as the authors but it is nice to have someone else recognize the work you've been doing. Thank you Sarah. Perhaps she will be my publisher?

I'll keep you posted....

p.s. No editing today--dinner time.
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