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Number One Thousand!!!

Or, if you prefer, #1,000!!! How about M? Remember that symbol? I didn't--I had to look it up!

So what exactly does 1,000 posts entail you're wondering? For starters, 1,000 titles. Probably at least 2,500 hours and two different iMacs. I've gone from being 53, and a student at Valencia, to being 58, and a gad about who sells photographs. Photos--too many to count, but a quick guess would be at least 3,000. Words--no telling. As time has passed, I've definitely gotten wordier which I know is not in vogue these days, but it seems as if I've got a lot to say. My grammar and punctuation have not improved in the slightest has it? There is definitely something to be said for those dear readers who overlook all my errors and I thank you for doing so.

If you had asked me on February 14, 2007 how long I would keep writing I'm sure I would have had no better answer than I do today. So, let's take a look at post #1, or apparently, post #2.


Second Attempt

I started a blog a few days ago and somehow I could not link back up with it, so here we go again. I received a Panasonic Lumix for Christmas and it has turned me into a camera crazy lady. Nothing and no one is safe around me when I have my camera with me--which is pretty much all the time.
For the second time this week, I have gotten into trouble taking pictures. On Monday, I was walking our Yorkie around the neighborhood, and some kids were playing basketball. I innocently asked them if I could take their picture as I was practicing my action shots. I snapped a few, however, their action was pretty limited, so I went on my way. Shortly thereafter, their mother drove up in her VAN, and asked me what was I doing. I explained, and then deleted the pictures under her watchful eye, blah,blah,blah..You know you can't be too careful with your kids she said! Indeed, somehow I managed to raise four sons without being ultra careful, but, whatever. Here is another one I took that afternoon despite her ruining the walk.

A few things have changed since that post, however, some of it still rings true. I have not lost any posts lately but I did lose the baby camera which was a painful experience. I have a few more cameras now, but as with most things that are lost you still pine for them. Furthermore, it's been quite a while since I've gotten myself in trouble with anyone but on occasion it still happens. What can I say? I'm a picture-taking fool.

While working in the yard most of the morning, during which time I was quite comfortable I might add, I thought about what to say in this post. Oftentimes folks ask me what my blog is about and I tell them my life which on the surface probably doesn't incite much interest. But, somehow, I hope I make it so. We all know that writers are advised to write about what they know so what else would I be writing about?? I think the same goes for photographs. I know flowers, I know food, I know whimsy etc. So, that's what I photograph. I don't know mountains, I'm deplorable with camera settings, I can't do night shots very well and so I leave those subjects for those more talented. I also thought about what photos to post today....hmmm....
I decided to do no real narrative, and here goes a few new photos that I like. Not for anyone else probably but there's something about each one that speaks to me.
This shot of the shed makes me happy. Beautiful late afternoon light and the sunny yellow color is perfect. When I think about how darn hard it was for Bruce to build this with mostly reclaimed materials, working long into the night with Bill as his helper, I am grateful for his talents. 

While at the Winter Garden market a few weeks ago I showed you a photo of their Spring in The Garden or whatever it was called. One of the vendors was selling equipment and supplies to make a koi pond. They also sold the fish.
As I sat typing one day the closet door was opened on my dresses. I've got quite a few. I love dresses for their coolness, their ease of wear and the fact that you only have to pick out one thing. Is it any wonder that people are always commenting on how colorful all my photos are?
Perhaps I should think about getting a few solids? You think?

Frequently I like photographs that are super simple like this one of my tiny purple daisy which has not one single bloom on it today!
But, then again, I also like flowers that are wildly complicated such as this great color of passion flower:
The flower on my ginger plant is complicated as well:
I mentioned I'm trying my best not to clutter up the yard too much but I did slip a bit and put these things in the viburnum tree outside my bedroom window,
The green thing in front is really a candle holder but I'm hanging it for the color. You know how much I like a good shade of green. Currently it is hanging by a headband, if you can imagine, waiting on the man of the house to fashion some sort of hanger with a clothes hanger. He's off to the office for the afternoon. 

During the time I've been writing I've known quite a few people who started blogs with high hopes. Some quit because of time constraints, others because they were concerned for their privacy. Neither of those are problematic for me. My house is pictured by Google Maps, which I had no say over, and our number and address are in the phone book. I do my best not to write anything compromising for either myself or my family. So, what's to worry about? By the way, that Google map photo was during our yard debacle so I wish they'd come back and take one now!!!

What can I say? I love to write and take photographs. Blogging has been a way to marry the two and I for one, have enjoyed being the pastor! 

Here's to post #2,000!

Thanks for reading,

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