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Another Day, Another Storm

That is a typical Florida summer--hot and sunny one minute, a major thunderstorm the next.

Following my bridge playing fun this morning I raced home to watch the U.S. Open golf tournament, specifically to watch Phil Mickelson play alongside Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, as happens all too frequently, when I want to watch television, the cable doesn't work. In this case, the box would not turn on despite multiple attempts with both the remote, and my actual finger touching the On button. Frustrated, I called Bright House and talked to a girl in Canada who told me she loves the cold. What can I say--people tell me things. Originally she told me she could not help me if the box wouldn't turn on, but with some prodding I got her to re-boot the box on her end and all's well that end's well. For my trouble I got an internet upgrade and a monthly price reduction for 24 months. Phil fell apart big time. Tiger did not.

Anymore, if you have the television on, be prepared for beeping and warnings when a storm is coming through, which I find very annoying. You would think it was the first time it has rained in Florida from their histrionics! Thunder, lightening and driving rain ensued. Big deal. It's done for the moment after dropping 1/2 inch. Of course, this morning the sprinklers ran. Isn't that always the way?

Yesterday, on the other hand, was beautiful until around 6 when the wind picked up, the sky turned dark, and what looked to be a whomper storm turned out to be much ado about nothing. For most of the afternoon, I lounged both in, and beside, the pool, finishing the novel, A Land More Kind than Home. I love reading a first novel don't you? It seems as if the writer, in this case, Wiley Cash interviewed here, gives it his or her all with no expectations placed upon them by either editors or readers. Sometimes that seems to pertain to my photography--I continue to do what I know people like rather than take the chances I did when I began.

Speaking of which, the other evening I was hunting around through closets, baskets and on shelves for my little tripods. Bruce, in an effort to raise his little speaker phone gadget closer to his mouth, wanted to see if one of the baby tripods would work. Eventually I found them, and as is always the case with a major hunt, I found other stuff I hadn't thought about for a long time. I discovered my first sales book--a great tool for putting my business into perspective. I was lucky though, selling to the public on my first outing and most every time since. Furthermore, I found a book I used to keep on the table for people's email addresses--many of the folks I met in the first year are now friends, or, in the case of Mr. Roger, helpers. The little frame which held the business card Bruce made for me with some software was in the basket, reminding me of how we would come home from the market and he would print up new ones as I ran out, on perforated paper. The excitement, and disappointment comes through on those pages. It was fun seeing the first day I sold "Beach Daisies" and "Street Art", my two top sellers.
Saw this on a car the other day and it sure spoke to me. Sunday, for the gazillionth time I told someone the story about how difficult it was for me to actually put myself in a booth and hope people would come inside and see what I am all about!

And then there was this quote from an unidentified, at least as far as my notebook is concerned, source:"You are as interesting as you are interested in the things around you." Don't you agree?

My last visit to the library I got about four books. And then I ordered more online. And then another one came that I ordered about two months ago. I can't decide which one to read next!
This isn't even the full stack! Decisions, decisions! You're probably thinking "brother, if only that was my worst problem!" and for that I sympathize. In fact the correct word should be empathize because, believe you me, my life has not always been so easy. Raising four sons has it's moments!

If I've shared this recipe before, forgive me, if not, please try it-- you'll be in for a treat! Dirty Risotto by Giada. Time consuming but worth every moment spent stirring!
On my table I have four baskets of prints as follows:
Flowers and Animals
Food and Wine
Beach and Landscape
These are fairly loose categorizations but it helps people gravitate to what they like the most. Despite having a fair number of what I consider my best flower pictures in the basket, people more often than not gravitate to the daisies.  I have a collage titled, "Crazy for Daisies" which is oh, so true. Which is why I'm always trying to dream up yet another daisy picture. This one started pretty good but the daisies had a mind of their own and refused to stay clustered:
Which to my mind makes it kind of funny, but this one will never make it into the baskets! And I tried this shot:
For those wondering, that is Bruce's car hood after another storm. Looking out my office window just now, the sky looks about the color of that car hood. 

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank all of my faithful readers whoever you are. Unlike many bloggers, I love to write. I mean love it. As I go about my days, writing is on my mind nearly as much as photography. Titles and ideas come to me when I'm washing dishes, mowing the lawn, riding my bike,or doing laundry. I think the reason I've kept at this for so long is because it is a labor of love for me--not a chore. Before I sat down to write this post I went through a book loaned to me by Mr. Roger during my last visit to their home. In fact, I met the author because he was having a poster designed by Roger for his upcoming show at the Orlando Museum of Art. Jimm Roberts photographed and interviewed some extraordinary writers and artists living in Florida. While watching the golf I went through it, reading the interviews. Many of the famous writers said they knew they wanted to be writers from childhood. I never had the confidence to even consider such a notion, making me grateful for the internet which has allowed me a little bit of cyberspace to pursue a love. The thought that my writing is worth a bit of your time is overwhelming.

Again thank you,

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