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Links and More Links

Another post so soon Gail? Why yes another post indeed. Did you really think I would run out of things to say?

Links today my friends. Plenty of links because there are so many interesting and wonderful things going on every daily!

Sadly, I was at the market during the Jubilee event on Sunday, and I missed the concert because I'm a dummy when it comes to television and really did not know where to look. I did, however, check out photographs online and seeing this photograph of Kylie Minogue dressed as a Pearly Queen brought to mind the real thing. Remember when we saw the Pearly Kings on Columbia Road last summer?
Quintessentially British, the Pearly Kings and Queens are a charitable organization with roots dating back to the early 1900's. Had I not seen them with my own eyes I would have never got the reference. Now you know as well.

The New York Times did this little story on Bangs! I swear the writer must have read my blog from last year when I wrote that Monica called bangs the new Botox. Try as I might, I've never gone without bangs, in or out of style, because my hair is just so darn thick it is hard to style it any other way. For the moment, apparently I'm at the height of fashion, particularly with my penchant for having her cut the bangs much shorter than she would like.

And then there is this: A Room for London. Our man in London along with his adorable boyfriend are staying there as I type!! The provided link has a six minute video which is quite touching in a way. I particularly liked when one of the boat builders talks about his craft and respecting the materials. As is always the case, when Matthew does interesting things, I'm anxiously awaiting the photographs. Did you know he taught me quite a bit of what I know about photography? I didn't think you did, but I suspect you are not surprised.

Now here's a crazy picture for you:
What pray tell was I thinking? I WAS NOT THINKING--I was outside photographing the raindrops on the nandina berries:
Rain began to fall which saved me from an indoor flood! Came inside just in the nick of time.

Here is a before picture of Baxter taken while the sink was filling:
Some kind of shaggy right? The groomer was running late so she was here when I returned from playing bridge. I prepared my tuna sandwich and then thought, I'm going to see if the squirrels are staying off the townhouse bird feeder now that I've slathered the top with Vaseline. Opening the door, I saw one hanging upside down. Usually I kinda make a loud growl to make them jump off, but this time there would be no jumping. For once, I'm sparing you photographic evidence of what I thought was a dead squirrel; only injured as it turns out. When Vicky finished grooming Baxter she came inside and I told her about it. She's a very young woman with a very soft heart. Immediately she is saying things like "you must take said squirrel to the vet," and I know someone who does squirrel rescue, let me get my pet crate from the truck." I, on the other hand, was not very sympathetic, insisting we let nature take it's course. Insisting, she lifted the feeder and lo and behold the squirrel with nine lives scrambled off and up into the giant oak! He won't try that again, or so I hope.

Now look at our little doggie:
He always looks about five pounds lighter after grooming don't you think? After his annual veteranarian visit for shot tomorrow, he'll be get to go!

Riding my bike this morning I kept smelling something so fragrant in the air. Looking around I assumed it was from magnolia trees which are in high blossom right now.
In reality there were no magnolia trees around, so I still have no idea where the unexpected treat came from. Not only was the air fragrant but there were booms of thunder, rumblings from the sky, signaling imminent rain, which began falling not five minutes after my return. After months and months of sunny skies, three days of gloom are a bit hard to take. Enough already! I have no problem with daily rain, but please God, can we have it interspersed with some blue skies?
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