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Perhaps you have wondered how I put the photographs on my blog. and for those of you who have, I'm fixing to tell you how it works. I take each and every photograph shown on my blog, download them to Picasa, pick and choose, then upload them to a monthly album I make on Picasa Web Albums. Whew! I almost forgot the most important step--import them to this space!

With some frequency people who wander into my booth ask me if I've taken every shot, which, as you can imagine, always takes me by surprise. Thus, the same question might apply to my blog. Indeed, I've taken them all, and many, many more--you only see the good ones! Like this one of a tufted tit mouse ready to pounce on the Nuttery:
These are very, very fast moving birds who don't stay on the feeder for long. I know everyone will be happy to know that the generic Vaseline is working beautifully; squirrels are having to content themselves, at least in the front yard, with the droppings.
Although, I think in this photograph the stupid squirrel is eating an acorn he has dug up. The back yard feeders are still fair game as I've been unable to outwit them!

Are there any readers out there who can believe it is June 1? My word, this year is flying by and before we know it Christmas will be upon us once again. Not to mention my 59th birthday!!

Yesterday afternoon, following a lively morning playing bridge, I visited Miss Monica, who, true to form, took a very, very long time to cut my hair. As in two hours! My status update on facebook was, "Gail bobs her hair." I'm wondering how many folks who came across that update recognized the reference to Bernice Bobs Her Hair? At one time I could NOT get enough of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I don't need to tell anyone how facebook has changed the way people communicate. Recently I asked for book recommendations and got quite a few. Most of them did not work for me, however, I should have remembered that it was Liza who recommended The Family Fang. A friend of Matthew's since childhood, she is one clever young woman. Have you been reading about the hullabaloo regarding their stock price? To my way of thinking a site that is almost exclusively "user generated" is not worth investing in because before you know it there will be the "next new thing." That's the way of the world isn't it? While chatting with David about the matter he made an interesting point about one reason there are so many users--it is free! Duh! He posed the question, "How many of those same users would continue on fb if there was a charge?" Probably not very many. A happy consequence would be the return of emails which I sorely miss. Time will tell now, won't it?

Soft rain is falling as I type this in the late morning--very welcome indeed. Before it did so, very early this morning I rode my bike five miles. Because Nancy wanted to see my hair, and you need real evidence that I'm riding, I got out my handy tripod and took this afterward.
Look how dark my arms are compared to my legs! Friends, that's called a photographer's tan. Never again will my hair look like this, well, maybe the next time I visit Monica, but I'll never get that perfect little bob action on my own!

 As you know I love flowering trees. Although I wish the sky were blue when I took this, it was not.
I've no idea what kind of a tree it is but those yellow dangly blooms are mighty fine.

Let's talk about laundry for a moment shall we? In this household laundry has always been a once a week affair despite having a large family. These days, Friday is laundry day because typically Bruce comes home from his travels on Thursday night. Doing the wash this week was weird because not only did Bruce not travel, he barely left the house. I cannot remember the last time there were no jeans in the mix! He and I discussed one of the weird things about working from home--when to take your daily shower. If you work from home you understand.

It may have sounded rather poetic earlier when I wrote the rain was falling softly, but the truth of the matter is, it is now raining cats and dogs on our freshly mown grass. This week Bruce did the honors with predictable results. :)

Thank you to all who liked the new bedding! Once a week I change the sheets and todays from the linen closet look like this:
Another perfect match right?  That said, I'm looking for some percale sheets which are a bit hard to find. Percale is crisp and cool--just what I need. There are sky high thread counts, sateen, organic cotton, you name it, but the sheets that feel the best are no longer readily available. Why is that?

While Trish was packaging my prints recently she remarked on how many hearts I have pictured in images from a cloud to a shell. Here's one more from nature:
Pretty cool huh? Is it any wonder people are so enamored of peacocks what with their iridescent feathers and gorgeous coloring? Add a heart-shaped eye to the list!

Initially I protested when Bruce decided to permanently move his office to our home, however, I've already grown accustomed to having him here, and as you know, am lonely when he's gone. I like, once again, having someone to prepare meals for--eating alone most of the time is tolerable, but nearly as fun.  His company is most assuredly preferable to the crime rag that is called The Orlando Sentinel!

Lunchtime beckons..


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