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Stats, Spam and Searches

The online world is chock full of statistics. Who goes where, and why. Because I have both an email account, and a blog, not to mention an online store, I am awash in all of the above. I know how and why people discover my little piece of cyberspace, or at least for my blog.

Here is what I know about my blog:

  • Browsers are split nearly evenly between Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • This week's visitors were from lots of places including India, Canada, Indonesia, with Russia outpacing the United Kingdom. United States, of course, was first on the list.
  • And, what pray tell were they looking for instead of me? In order of importance:

  1. Camera Crazy
  2. Red Swirl Carpet
  3. Cross Florida Barge Canal
  4. Acid Wash Pool Deck
  5. Big Bose LCD in beautiful room
  6. Donkey Girl  (say what???)
  7. Gail Peck Photography
  8. Gail Price Maden(sic) Name
  9. GailPeck Blog
  10. Hot Girl Night
Perhaps you are wondering why I capitalized everything, and just like you, I'm wondering why everything that I see in the keyword search is lower case. No real rhyme or reason to my eye.

I've also learned that overall, which I'm not sure exactly what this means as far as time is concerned, there have been 34,260 visits to my blog. Now whether that is from day one or not, I couldn't tell you, because I only discovered the stats about three years into this great experiment. For most of the time I've been writing I did not one thing to promote my blog, however, with the advent of Google + and fb, I now post it most every time I write, which is why I'm getting more overall views. Or, at least that's what I'm thinking. 

Am I telling you things you have no interest in? Indulge me a little longer please.

Etsy is going nowhere. I should be on there every day playing the game, however, I just can't bring myself to do so. For the entire week there have been 21 views to my shop. You do the math...

And then there is spam with my Gmail account. Typically I don't look at any of it because it is all filed away neatly in a spam folder, however, every now and again I look at the subjects which never fail to amuse me. From the first page of about six, here's what I could have, or do, or whatever!

Cynthia apparently is looking for true friendship and partner if only I would click on the mail. Yeah right!

Get a Master Card in 1 minute!

Find love on Zoosk! Whatever that is...

Learn a Language in 10 days!!! You bet!

Get Larger with Sample  (no exclamation mark which wouldn't you think there would be?)

Free $100 Chipolte Gift Card--no thanks, the servings are entirely too large for me

See Photos of Black Singles

and finally, Belly Fat Blast  (now here's something I could use!)

So, there you have it--an online roundup of things that you'll never use. 

As promised, my gift from Matthew:
The Royal Mail arrived yesterday afternoon-- don't you just love the printing? It gets better, I promise!
How darn cute is this???? Every page is a little jewel which I savored as I lay in bed last night before falling asleep. Now, here's something you don't see everyday:
Can you believe this??? Apparently, cardinals do not live in England, so my assumption is that my Matt asked Matt Sewell to draw one just for me. Do I not have one of the best sons ever??? His descriptions of each expertly painted bird are so darn charming. Just this afternoon, following another torrential downpour, I saw one of the little Carolina Wren's hopping about the garden and I thought of the description I'd read last night regarding a wren's temperament. Spot on. I am highly jealous of talented folks like Matt Sewell.

I may not be able to paint birds, but I darn sure like to photograph them. Can you stand yet another few of a peacock? The fan is pretty darn spectacular, hard to beat, but the complexity of the back, which holds all that beauty up, is nearly as interesting.
You know this means I had to make a little trip to WalMart and could not resist stopping to see the peacocks, don't you?  In particular I was thinking babies might be around, but apparently, not yet. In fact, many of the roaming birds seemed still kind of young with not fully developed fans. This guy, after calling out and showing his fan with no female attention, seemed resigned to look elsewhere.
This guy below did no calling, only showing off his fan, with the same results as the above peacock. He decided to do a sit in.
Actually, it is pretty rare for me to see the male with his neck tucked down like this. I love the "coins" that his gorgeously colored neck are resting on. 

I checked out the garden center at WM, buying a few things, although the center is a far cry from what it used to be. My goodness. I crossed the street to see what Lowes was selling. Not a whole lot of interest except the amazing new varieties of hibiscus. If only I had space for more, I'd be grabbing them up in a heartbeat!
The blooms are not only huge, but come in such interesting shades as well. iPhone picture. Right on!

Another stop was the library where I was hoping to get another Beverly Swerling novel. Not to be my friends. Instead, I finally got my hands on a copy of Swamplandia!a novel Matt told me about quite some time ago. After lunch, with the storm coming head on, to the couch I went, reading and snuggling with Baxter who is frightened by the thunder and lightening. Who can blame him, although he was born in Florida, he should definitely be used to our weather by now. 

Back to the couch for your favorite blogger....

p.s. The bob went okay in case you're wondering.

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