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First Friday at FAVO

Who, amongst you, has been dying to hear how First Friday at FAVO went? Everyone? Fantastic! Here we go....

Friday morning, just after 9, I loaded the car with my baskets, a few supplies, and the stand up fan. Unfortunately, the air conditioner in Room 239, although it blows air, it is not cool air. Because the stand up fan oscillates, I figured it might sufficient. Except that it wasn't, which I'll tell you more about a little later. While I was there I walked to the back side of the upstairs to see Zelma Street.
Long, long ago, I lived on Zelma Street with my sister Maureen and my niece Elizabeth, better known as Lib. I suppose Maureen was 22, Lib was 4, and I was 17. I told you it was a long time ago! The duplex we shared has been razed for a small office building, but looking down the street, if I imagined hard enough, I could still see Bruce's red Volkswagen parked on the left, where we spent many an hour talking. I was in my first year of x-ray school, and I'm pretty sure Maureen worked in the preschool of Park Lake Presbyterian Church which now owns the motel!!! Small town I live in. :-)

I said in my last post that I was happy to let Angela have her way, and it looked good the way she planned it, however, not so much once I put the baskets on the table. Entirely too lopsided! So, after a few tries, I decided it was best to put the table smack dab in the middle of the room.
In the left corner I put a little mosaic table from my office, along with a small, cute, table lamp from there as well. The right corner, behind the rack, was a stand up light I bought at Big Lots some time ago for using with still lifes. As you can imagine, I was trying to do things on the cheap for my first time there. You never know how these things will go, but I am thrilled to tell you it went well, despite huge downpours earlier in the afternoon.

Arriving at 5, I went up to my room with yet another prop....a disc player. While eating lunch after my morning set up, I thought to myself, Gail, when you have a gathering you must have music! I knew that. So, I had a little Thievery Corporation going in the background as folks moseyed into my space. Did I tell you it was hot and humid? Well, it was. Despite moving the fan around, the room remained too hot for some folks. Me, I'm pretty much used to it, but others live most of their lives in air conditioning during our hot months which is the smart thing to do!

The rain soaked the tables set up for eating, however, there were helpers doing their best to rectify the problem.
You absolutely know how much I liked the chairs! This photo was early on, so it looks like there are no folks, but there were after a bit. I enjoyed meeting new people, seeing the work of the other artists, and in general enjoyed having my own little space under cover! Plus, I had sales! Twenty in all, or so I think because my record keeping was a little lackluster. I had my concerns earlier that the Square would not work because they have no WiFi, however, for the most part, it worked just fine.

Bruce's flight came in at 6:30, and his intention was to come straight from the airport to the venue, however, I sent out an SOS! Please, stop by the house and get the WIND MACHINE! Although it is much louder than the fan I brought it moves the air tenfold. And we needed it! Poor Fallon, Bill's girlfriend, had switched shifts so she could come and see what I do. If I'd been thinking I would have mentioned to dress for the weather, however, I wasn't, and she came dressed to kill.
It was super sweet of Jen and Rich to visit with Spencer, the little doll baby. He is so darn good it is unimaginable! David called before I left and I did mention to him that shorts would be best.
The cousins! So, earlier I mentioned Maureen and Lib, and on the right is Rich, son of Maureen, brother of Lib, AND the adorable Spencer. When I talk to folks about having twins I never sugar coat the experience. Some people do, claiming it's not so bad, but I am not one of those people. It was darn hard. Rich was born two months, nearly to the day, before Bill and Dave, so Maureen had her hands full. My sister Nancy had Laura, nearly three months to the day before the twins, so she did as well. My mom lived in Melbourne, Bruce's mom lived in California, and Bruce worked two jobs just so we could make ends meet. It was a difficult first year to say the least. Our son Matthew, shy of three when the twins were born, had to grow up very, very fast.

Bruce saved the day by bringing the fan. If we do it again, Will assures me I will have a room with a working ac! Of course, by November, with any luck, the weather will FINALLY cool off!
A boy and his Dad! Make that a man and his Dad!

My second floor space afforded me a good view of the happenings around me:
This was taken when it was nearly closing time, so the crowd had thinned. I expect the more people hear about it, the more people will come, because, believe me, it is a great concept. Now, when they can get their fire sprinkler problems solved, I'm guessing the rooms will quickly fill up with creative people. Their vision is for not only visual artists to use the rooms, but writers, musicians, pretty much anyone involved in the arts.

I dare say it ranks among the most fun, despite the heat, that I've had doing an art event. Here's to First Fridays!

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