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It Makes Me Wonder

While riding with Bruce recently I heard Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and couldn't help but think what a great lyric, "it makes me wonder" is. Seriously, it fits so many situations.

Except, I'm afraid wonder is going out of style. No longer do we have to wonder who is that singing a song, or what the population of the Philippines is, or what college did so and so quarterback play for? You understand. Perhaps, while thinking about the future of things, a fitting lyric today might be, "it makes me worry?"

Actually, you may have already guessed I'm a bit of an optimist, preferring to rely on history for my perspective on current affairs. Still and all, I don't know what is more surprising in this article about medicating children for better school performance, the fact that all five children in one family take the stuff, or that Medicaid pays for it. While reading the article I discovered that this practice is becoming common place. After viewing the slideshow, and seeing the family's home and two dogs, I couldn't understand how and why Medicaid is paying for the medication. If you can afford to feed two pit bulls....

While we're on the subject of newish phenomenons, or maybe, not so new.... The other day I was looking for some office supply on Bruce's desk, and came across this pocket watch, the origins of which I have no idea. While photographing the watch, I realized that, although I love watches for both style and telling time, many, many people are once again using a sort of pocket watch. I, for one, rarely think to look at my phone for the time, but I know for sure, I'm in the minority. I do love the tips of those hands, don't you?
Shall we move on to lighter fare? Let's do. Last Monday, after Bruce and I viewed the FAVO space we stopped at our local Dominos to pick up a little pizza for lunch. Turned out to be very, very mediocre (what's new?), but I did get an opportunity to photograph my sweet husband while he was taking a business call. He stepped to the other side of the room and I noticed what a great background the red was to his white shirt. Unbeknownst to him, I brought out my trusty Olympus with the Panasonic lens--his body language says it all...
It has been one major problem after another on the California jobs, so much so, that he is not coming home for the weekend! Although this is not his preference, some problems just won't go away when he is 3,000 miles from the job sites! Oh wait! I was supposed to be on lighter fare!

Here's something sweet and light. Sunday, our friend Blair introduced me to her adorable six month old daughter Cameron, which just so happens to be the same name Rich and Jen are using for their new son.
Blair was definitely the "market babe" for many years. She is just as sweet as she is pretty. It was five years ago that she and Ben started coming to the market with their gourmet cheeses. These days, Ben, having finished chiropractic school has opened an office in Lake Mary. Blair, after finishing her interior design degree and working for Mark Michaels, is a stay at home mom. Ben's father has taken over the business with relish, enjoying it way more than Ben and Blair ever did! Years ago she came to the house with a big cooler full of cheeses and together we dreamed up some photos for their web site. It was fun rummaging through my cupboards and refrigerator for props.

What's say we look at a few creatures? Watching nature unfold is something I find strangely calming and exhilarating at the same time. Do you share my fascination?
Hot dog if those caterpillars aren't back on the oleanders! This one is perhaps not matured yet? The coloring looks a bit different than I remember from before. According to my Audubon magazine, dragonfly watching is the "new birding." Who knew? Seems to me like there are loads of them around this time of the year.
I took the one above at Cypress Grove Park yesterday morning while taking a walk with Baxter. What with the slightly, and I mean slightly, cooler temperature, and lower humidity, walking him is not such a chore. As we came around the corner, heading back to the car, I saw a limo pull up and two women come out onto the porch of the house. From a distance I couldn't make out the older ones outfit. The closer I came, and relying on the zoom lens I had with me, she seems to be wearing a clerical robe of some kind. My guess is this is some folks from the UK getting married on a Tuesday morning.
Another interesting sight I've recently come across on a street during my bike ride is this:
A budding street artist practicing at home? Very unusual indeed.

Monday I was very productive, finishing signing all the prints and the binding on the quilt. I pieced the quilt in early summer, intending to do all the quilting during the Olympics which did not exactly pan out as there was so much more than I imagined. Still and all, I'm very happy with the project. Maybe, four more lines of quilting, and into the washing machine it will go.
I do so hope Bill will be happy with it, which I'm thinking is pretty likely as he's very much into intricate things. Time will tell as it always does.

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