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Signs of the Times

From what I've read, polls are predicting a re-election of President Obama, however, if the signs I'm seeing everywhere I go are any indication, Mitt Romney will have given him a run for his money. That's not to say there are no yard signs for Obama, but they are few and far between no matter where I travel. In a few years from now, I'll look back on this post documenting what was happening in our neck of the woods two weeks before the election.
Apparently sticks in the ground didn't work for these folks. And then there's this one hanging high above the street from a gigantic oak tree:
Every now and again I'll see one for Obama:
Mostly, they are the lone ranger on a street full of signs for Romney:
The lounging cats could care less who wins the election:
I kept thinking about the car industry when I saw this one:
Rain from Hurricane Sandy left a reflective puddle behind:
You wouldn't know there had been any rain looking at the dry ground in this one:
It isn't only the wealthier folks who are backing Romney:
On one street I saw two folks in a row who were going with the "empty chair" theme:
I would have definitely shown more Obama signs if I'd seen them! On one ride I counted 83 Romney signs to 5 for Obama. Who knows what any of this really means, after all, it boils down to just who goes to the polls and votes for the candidate of their choice. May the best man win!

My market neighbor Jim is always saying how bad a recession can this really be if people can afford to dress their dogs? I don't know how to answer that question, but indeed, folks do spend money on things that, to me, seem so frivolous. They, of course, could say the same for me! That said, when exactly did Halloween last for weeks and weeks? On my rides I've seen some pretty over-the-top decorated yards, but none more so than this one which is so large it requires two photos, or at least it does with my 20mm lens!
There's that view, and one more to show the ghouls hanging in the trees:
Driving to the airport on Friday night to drop off Bruce's rental car I saw it lit up! Whoa!

Yesterday the market was full of dogs in costume, some very clever. This little Min-Pin had everyone taking his photograph.
I'm thinking this is what happens when there are no children in the family to dress up? Adults got into it as well, including the vendors who were vying for free-rent prizes. I still never understood who this couple was supposed to be, but during the crowd voting they danced which brought smiles all around:
The folks who run the beer garden got into the act:
The priest and devil on the right sell what they call "Heavenly Flan." Maybe next year I'll get into the act?
Jonathan and Amy set up a big pumpkin patch with games and apple cider. If you've been a reader for any length of time, you'll probably share my admiration for what Dana has done with our market. To think I started when the customers were as few as the vendors. From only about 15 vendors to more than 75 is a pretty darn impressive gain. Yesterday I was the beneficiary of more customers, having a super day. New customers, as well as some repeat business--both good for me. It did not hurt that the temperature was about 20 degrees cooler than it has since at least March. I only wish I'd worn long pants and maybe a long sleeved shirt. Between the customer surge and the chilliness, this blogger fell asleep just after 8:30 last night. Fortunately her dear husband was just as tired--in fact he took two naps yesterday and still went to bed when I did. Traveling for three weeks will do that to anyone! When packing last night, he included more clothing--ready this time in case the trip lasts longer than he'd like. Signs of the times indeed.

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