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A Whole Lotta Beeping Going On

While it is common for me to read the obituaries, it is uncommon that doing so leaves me chuckling, well, in this case make that downright laughing uncontrollably. I know what you are thinking--who laughs about the dead? Take a look at this and see if you can keep a straight face.

Monday night, while chatting with Brandy, a painter I met years ago, we started talking about originality in making art. Our conversation continued about those artists who always win at art shows, a source of contention for many. This past weekend she was shocked and happy to recieve an Honarable Mention at a show, going on to tell me who won Best in Show. Turns out it was a photographer who does black and white Florida landscapes. Heading to my computer, I looked him up, telling her it didn't seem very original to me. Nice, but nothing you haven't seen before. Brandy does a lot with hearts in her paintings, and so, while still on the phone, I Googled "heart paintings," coming up with a gazillion. Next we discussed how in our city, there is an artist who is widely known for doing hearts, with some thinking Brandy has stepped on her territory. Those folks have not checked out the wide selection of heart paintings available,  that's for sure. Said artist also gives out glass hearts as a blessing to people she meets, including me.
I took this yesterday morning as the sun shone through my kitchen window. Yes, Mr. Sun came out to play!! Hurray, hurray. The gloomy weather prompted one friend to say it looked like it was going to snow, and she should know, having moved here from the Buffalo area! After returning from my bike ride, I finished up my planting. Coming into the house, the lovely light forced me to take this shot:
Now you know what that green splotch is; the bottle is from a Lucky Buddha beer Carol drank while we were out to eat in West Hollywood. That's an old photograph of Bruce and Matt in front of Frank Lloyd Wright's studio taken when Matt was still at Northwestern, or more accurately, hours before he told us he was planning to call it quits. I can still remember crying when he told us, however, this Mother did not know best because had he not, he never would have gone to London and met Tom. So there.

Back to our conversation--while looking for a London street art image to send to Brandy, I came across another photo I love from London of Matt and his Dad in Canary Wharf. Everything about this photo makes me happy. Who says the sun never shines in London?
I love clocks, and I love photos of Matt and his Dad. Re our conversation about my new-found appreciation for purple and gardens--I'll tell you who has a beautiful garden, Tom's Mom, Jane. Aren't these lovely?
I seem to be rambling today.....

Still Goggling art stuff, eventually Googling myself, I came across a few fascinating things including this. As well, several years ago, make that maybe four, I entered a contest at the Polasek Museum, where, for those who don't know, I volunteered for many years. This critique of my submitted image was very, very interesting.  On the same page, image number 12 is mine as well, and that critique is even more scathing! Apparently the judges were from the Orlando Camera Club and they were not particularly impressed with my efforts. I've never claimed to be very adept with a camera.

So, what's up with the title Gail? Most of the time I'm a savory girl, eschewing sweets for something tart or salty, however, of late I've been craving something sweet. Thus, I made some chocolate chip cookies Monday afternoon. Learning to use the oven, while not terribly complicated, proved a bit challenging. There's something called timed cooking, as well as a timer. Beeping ensued as I tried both settings. The fridge beeps if left open, and the dishwasher beeps when you close it. The microwave? Beep city. The digital domination takes over the kitchen! Some might argue that the beeps from the oven are preferable to the old screech from the timer, and who am I to disagree?

I spent a fair amount of time shopping yesterday for Thanksgiving, after finally making a list of ingredients. Don't ask me why, because no one hardly likes it, but every year I make a new version of cranberry relish. This year's recipe is from Bon Appetit as is the homemade ginger ale I started last night.
We shall see what the crowds think tomorrow evening. This prep was after heading over to the Stromberg's house to take their annual Christmas card photo. Because I've been doing this for a few years now it is amazing to see Michael's transformation form an average-sized 12 year old, to a 16 year old who is as tall as his Mom! He insisted on wearing his white stylin' shoes.
They won't use this one, but I sure like it. Mr. Bruce has just walked through the door after taking the red-eye from Los Angeles with a cup of Starbucks in his hand. This must mean he will not be going to sleep, so I may just have to get him to do a few chores before the big day. Today I'll be making pies and whatever else I can dream up. For now, it's the more mundane things of life--a bike ride and breakfast. Happy Thanksgiving my American friends!


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