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The morning of my birthday, as I was riding along, I was wondering what title I could use for my next post, only to have Bruce provide it for me upon my return. Apparently, while I was gone, he got  my gifts out of hiding to surprise me when I got back. He's such a little romantic. :)

Before we go there, let's just take a moment to think about the passing of time, whether it be in minutes, days, weeks, months or years. Thinking about it yet?
Cute little timers aren't they? Although they are meant to be used for tea brewing times, I got to thinking about how they look the same, or pretty much do, and what is it that makes the sand go slower in the say, seven minute timer. Any ideas? Using the timers as an analogy, why does December seem to go by so much quicker than other months? Or, as is the case with me, the older I get, the faster each year seems to pass. I can hardly believe I turned 59 years old two days ago because it seems like only yesterday I was hitting the 50 milestone! Furthermore, I just had my sixth anniversary of having a digital camera....woo-hoo! Add to that, I'm nearing the sixth anniversary of writing this goodness would think I'd run out of things to say by now! But my friends, you already figured I wasn't done yet. 2013 here we come!

Bruce knows me well:
Polka-dots on the bag, woo-hoo on the tag, a sentimental bottle of wine, and a terrific candle. Plus, the card featured polka-dots and photography. So, there.

It seems as if Jonathan and Alissa know me pretty well also.
Isn't that shopping bag on the right fantastic? Last evening, while watching the Seminoles play in the Orange Bowl, I read through the book which has some great ideas about keeping the creative juices flowing. Plus, it's a signed copy from Austin Kleon who coincidentally lives in Austin. While everyone was here, there were a few technology fixes made. Thank God! Watching a DVD has been quite the challenge for the last year; between Jonathan and Matt they figured out why. Now, when you put a disc in you know that it will play without interruption, which, as you can imagine, will up our enjoyment big time. Another woo-hoo!

Then, too, Matt put about 15 new albums on my iTunes enabling me to spend the next year listening to the likes of Jesse Ware, The Macabees, Spector, Bat for Lashes, The 2 Bears, and many more. I'm totally thrilled to have the new Roseanne Cash--good stuff. Cat Power is sounding very good as well.

Jonathan and Alissa had an uneventful flight back to Austin on the 31st. Finally, I took a little family snapshot as they were preparing to leave us for who knows how long.
To answer the question on everyone's mind--they will eventually get married. We even discussed it which is a first step!

After two weeks of having house guests, not to mention a cold, I have to admit I was a bit weary, however, it was my birthday, and we'd already made reservations to join our friend Kris at OLV for New Year's Eve, so, after resting a bit, we made the effort. I'm totally glad we did. Are you ever like that? Don't really want to go somewhere, only to be so happy you did? I'm so guilty of that. If I were the type to make resolutions, that surely would be near the top of my list.

I used to be so interested in fashion, however, that is no longer the case. Of course, that may have something to do with not going out enough leaving me ignorant of fashion. These young ladies, however, are very interested in fashion:
Only in Florida, right? Feeling rather old here because I was stunned at the mini-dresses. How does one sit down in such a short dress? The jazz band did not make much in the way of music for dancing,  however, Kris and I did our best to get the party started, eventually convincing a few of the other ladies to get up and dance. Kris, on the left, is having fun with her friend Lucia:
We didn't make it to midnight, or at least not there. Close though. When we got home Angela and her gang were just setting out the fireworks. They bought a ton of them, as did everyone else could hear/see fireworks in every direction! And so, the clock turned, or the sands of time, however you like to think of it.

2013. What will the new year bring for my friends and family? I'm hoping good health, good friends, and happiness. What about your blogger? Will this be a creative year, or after six years, have I peaked? I know one thing for sure--this year will bring surprises, as it always does. Without them, life might get kind of boring, don't you agree? My New Year's wish for you is that, come what may, you soar like an eagle:
With arms open wide--- embrace change, go new places, eat different food, try a new activity, keep an open mind, make new friends, listen to new music--- enjoy the life you've been given. My smart readers need no reminding that it only comes around once....

Woo Hoo indeed! Oh yeah--don't walk--- dance!
Gail, aka Camera Crazy


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