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A Reaction

Most of the time, when I tell people I went to Valencia College in my early 50's, they assume it was to study Photography. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Photography class--1 
Math classes--4

And no, I did not go to study math, a subject I hate; they made me do it! That one photography class, taught by Professor Burt Stout, was not at all what I was thinking when I signed up for it. Called, "Art with a Camera", I assumed it would be about the art of photography more than the technical details of operating a camera, alas, it was the technical stuff which goes right over my head. One thing I do remember clearly though was when he told us that a successful photograph is one that prompts a reaction. So, I suppose that I should not be offended by the comment made on this blog by an unknown person to me, Pepper Culpepper. Here's what she said: "That's some god awful photography."  At least it's a reaction, albeit a mean spirited one!

So, where were we? That's right I was going to tell you about our crazy Sunday night at the Cheyenne Saloon on Church Street. Our friend Dana called just as both Bruce and I were talking about making it an early night, following a light supper. Despite being fairly comfortable in the cold weather during the market, being out in it for so long takes a toll on your body. That said, we can never say no to Dana. 

You may recall that along with all her other duties, she manages the Church Street properties, and as such, has to be there during events. This one, sponsored by Hamburger Mary's is an extension of their Sunday Broadway brunch, a big show with lots of big hair! As it began I turned to Bruce saying I figured a lot of the performers were from Disney, and Dana confirmed that. She told folks we were VIPs allowing us a great spot to watch the performance. If the show did not start at 7:30, there's no doubt we would have been able to say no because we hate to go out late. My question is, why do they have late start times anyway? Onward...
I gave my camera card to Dana's assistant, so this one, taken with my phone, will have to suffice--a number from "Les Miserables." They did one from "Sister Act," another from "Mary Poppins," along with others. Can you say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS?

Before the front came through the other day, the wind was ferocious...check out the water spray from the Lake Eola fountain.
The other morning I woke up from a dream about our son Bill starting a cheese making business. Where does stuff like that come from??? Soon thereafter, I went on a mission to see how one makes cheese, and according to some, it's as easy as making a pie. Anyway, Bill is thinking about buying a house, and renting out his condo. As such, we've looked around a bit in our area for an affordable home. I drove over to the neighborhood where I grew up, ages 4-15 anyway, to check out a house on Lake Arnold, just down the street from our house on Montclair Street. Well, what should I see but our old house is being foreclosed upon.
Long ago, when our family of eight lived in this very house, the garage was still a garage. Peering through the front window, I could hardly imagine how we all fit in there! It is a well-worn tale about how our Mother was anything but sweet to us, however, the older I get, the more I understand her unhappiness. Six children, small house, no air-conditioning--who Could remain pleasant? Furthermore, our Father wasn't much help, or perhaps I should say more accurately, no help. The way I see it is, all's well that ends well, and despite our iffy upbringing, the Price kids turned out alright.

The peach tree just down the street is in full bloom:
As has been well documented in this blog, blooming trees make me very happy. Then too, so do flowers of all kinds. I need more flowers to take care of like I need a hole in my head, but I could not resist the sweetness of these plants:
Of course, I tend to like small things, and these little cuties are so tiny and delicate, it is no wonder they came home with me. Now, where to put them is another story....

 I can't really remember what I was after during a trip to Wal Mart, certainly not heart shaped marshmallows, but they spoke to me,
Aren't they super cute? Apparently they are strawberry flavored, but I'm not much of a marshmallow fan, so mainly I purchased the discounted bag for a photograph. I just love how soft they look.

Here is something I've never seen before--a lemon plum from Chile that I spotted at Clemons the other day. 
Great color--right? 

Mr. Bruce was in and out. Monday morning he drove to Lake City for his final inspection at the Olive Garden. Arriving home around dinner time last night, I learned it went very well. Off again this morning to Santa Monica to help them finish that job which has gone on for what seems like forever! Won't be long though, and that too will become a memory. One of the things we learned last Friday is that Bruce has accumulated 400 hours of time off, which he'll soon start taking. If only he had been able to do so while working, things might be different today, as in, he wouldn't be so darn worn out! It is exciting to think about the possibilities of our new life which is just around the corner....

Speaking of memories, while hunting around in my library I saw that on this date last year, we were in Lakeland, where he was building another Olive Garden. While there I visited the "Hollis Gardens", a very lovely place. Perhaps I might begin to show photographs taken on the day I'm blogging, one year earlier? 
Just an idea for keeping things lively on this spot in the world wide web....

Any reactions out there?

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