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Weather Adventures

Since the beginning of 2013 the weather has been just about perfect. No humidity, mostly comfortable temperatures, with the only negative being very little rain. Our plants need rain, but do they really need it on a Sunday? I think not! Especially between the hours of 7AM-5PM. Despite my wishes, rain finally came on Sunday around noon and when it came, it really came down. As in an inch in less than an hour! Look who was prepared for the rain:
Actually this was just after the deluge, however,  in case it started again this little Chihuahua was ready. Naturally everyone was wanting to take a picture of the little one:
Do you suppose that dog in the upper right is wondering what sort of dog wears a yellow rain slicker? What is it with Chihuahuas wearing clothes? First a Christmas dress, and now this????

As you can tell from the messiness on the ground, the overhead oak trees shed much of their spring blooms. Not a pretty sight for sure. The drainage is less than stellar allowing my neighbor's tent to flood.
Poor Vern is doing his best to move the water. Mr. Bruce prepared me for the rain by putting all four sides up, and all four sides came down, sheltering not only me, but six strangers who shared my tiny space for the next 45 minutes. Very interesting indeed. Mostly everything stayed in good shape except for one of the large boxes. Some things were a bit damp, so instead of taking it all home and packing it away, after the market closed, we headed straight over to FAVO to hang the canvases on the wall. It worked out super, and we only got home about 15 minutes later than we would have had we gone home. One reason we did so is because this Friday is once again our monthly event. My goodness, I can't believe how fast this year is going!

This month, Will purchased unglazed ceramic bunnies for the artists to decorate for a contest. Attendees will vote on the bunnies with the winner receiving a prize. As well, they will be sold to raise money for FAVO. Hmmmm........what to do with mine? Using a technique I learned from my Christmas gift book,  "Steal Like an Artist", I did just that. Remember the papered pig I bought at the thrift store? Using that idea, I did my best.
Peter Max is now wearing a brand new cover! I'll show you the real thing closer to the event as Will is asking us to keep them under wraps...if you will.

Do you suppose this is where the idea for water skiing came from?
Mostly we worked on projects over the weekend, that is when I was not at the markets. The new blue tablecloth I made a few weeks ago was really not very well done, in part because the fabric was sketchy, and then too, I did a poor job cutting it out. If you're a seamstress of any kind you know it's all in the cutting. Bring in new fabric and Mr. Bruce who marked it and cut it. I did the easy part--sewing it all together. Poor new tablecloth got very wet Sunday, what with the rising water and all.

While searching for tablecloth fabric I found some fabric for the new/old kitchen chairs that I thought might work. With most of Bruce's jobs nearly complete, he isn't spending every minute of every day working, thus, he can cover chairs in his spare time.
If you've ever done anything with fabric you know that an iron is your best friend. When upholstering, strong hands come in mighty handy as well.
Ta Da!
One is complete, only three more to go. I hope I did the right thing using a print....

While Bruce was working on the chair, I was signing prints. See this big stack all neatly lined up?
I then proceeded to put the wrong price sticker on every last one of them!! You would think that after all these years I would know that a blue sticker is meant for the $10 size, wouldn't you? Duh!!!!
I am happy to report that my trip to Sportstown was not in vain; two of the new prints sold over the weekend!

In my heart I knew it was going to rain on Sunday, but we went anyway, as did this family:
At least this Sunday it was only wet, not super cold like last weekend! This morning the wind chimes are ringing like mad. Sun, wind, rain, humidity, cold, gloom---weather sure does make things interesting, particularly if you're an outdoor vendor. Is it any wonder that I can't wait to get inside Friday night?
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