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Nothing But Blue Skies

It was a magnificent day for a clean up, nothing but blue skies and a cool breeze. I mentioned the yard mess yesterday, however, what I neglected to mention was how all of our things, aside from the art, was soaking wet. Overnight Bruce hung stuff up all over the garage with two big fans blowing. In the morning he got more serious, setting up the tent in the yard to dry, as well as the cars!
Just below the awning is our rug, kept in the back of the Pilot, out for an air dry as well. Using a rake, and then the vacuum gadget for cleaning the pool, I managed to get it all out.
This is more like it!
After using the chain saw, Bruce carved a path out our side gate:
Not only was it a good day for a clean up, it was also great for drying clothes on the line. After hanging everything I made a quick run to drop Bruce's shirts at the dry cleaners. Along the way I took a few pictures of our surrounding neighborhoods.

Can you believe how gigantic this root system is?
A utility truck gives it perspective.

Why yes, that is a backhoe under the fallen tree:
Who needs a back wall anyway?
The yellow house used to have a matching set of oak trees:
The tree trimming guys were out trolling for work on every street;
one stopped by our house while I was having a little chat with Matt and Tom who were concerned about our well being.

Here is the house with the tree through the roof:
What you don't see in the photo above is another huge limb filling the entire front yard!

I heard from Regina that a concrete utility pole went down and she was right. Stopping to take a photo, the young woman (whose home is adjacent to the downed pole, ) told me that Orlando Utilities worked through the night replacing it at 4 in the morning.
It must have been about 4:30 when we chatted, and her concern was that although they were there throughout the night, they hadn't been back since and she was still without power. As were our neighbors across the street. Most of you know that we live in a neighborhood with many original home owners who are now in their middle to late 80's, including Bob who lives next door to Angela. Seeing Bruce out in the yard, he came looking for help to start his generator. Our man did the job, although it was even a struggle for him.

After dinner we took a little stroll, Bruce to check on Regina, and me to see what was happening. While talking to Wanda, wondering when the power would return, the calvary arrived in the form of four OUC trucks:
The temperature was to drop into the 40's overnight, so although we didn't turn our heat on, those who wished to, could now do just that--their power was restored around 8:00.

It would be oh so nice if our power lines were underground wouldn't it?
Following a big storm like this, there is a knee jerk reaction regarding the big trees--get rid of them all, some think. Not so fast friends. Trees not only provide wonderful shade from our broiling Florida sun, they also house our feathered friends. While I've shown you trees down, it's important to remember that many trees are still standing, and will continue to do so in spite of our sometimes blustery weather.
This beautiful street in Southern Oaks would not be nearly so without the tree canopy, don't you agree? For me, I like to focus on the positive--bad things do happen, BUT mostly good stuff does!
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