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The Daily Ride

Today is not one of those days that I was dying to get on my bike--humid, windy, and overcast. Just when I thought I'd have to wear a jacket every day, it went and turned hot on me. As in, I finally turned on the air conditioner yesterday afternoon. I can't remember a longer spell when we did not have to use it, so that's good. Something else that's good is while I was at the Apple store the other day I asked the "genius" about the charger for my Shuffle. Telling him I could not find it, he offered a few suggestions. Later, while chatting with Matt, I discovered that I had it after all! I completely forgot that the charger was just a little usb cable. Music to my ears!

After going nine days without riding, between both markets and being sick, my rides this week have strictly been five miles around the nearby neighborhoods. Happy days that the confederate jasmine is blooming once again. Now, if only I'd get my sense of smell back, I can fully appreciate their yumminess.
My taste buds are still a bit off, AND I have not one, but two cold sores, one of which just popped up this morning. Let's hope the Abreva works it's magic.

Angela has a large garden area in her front yard, filled this time of the year with blooming begonias and a couple of really spectacular amaryllis. This red one is huge!
The pink stuff in the background? Begonias, and more begonias.

Yesterday I stopped to visit with Sue--always an adventure. She and her friend Kathy have a business renting out vintage goods for weddings. Like me--not a day goes by that she's not looking for something new.
I had not the slightest notion that vintage wedding stuff was so popular, but I do now. The above photo is taken in the bedroom she uses to store their treasures. Plus, she's got a bit of a green thumb which I'm slightly jealous of. Look at this fantastic Italian Parsley!!
Although I have a gigantic rosemary plant, parsley and I don't seem to get along so well. Did I mention I was jealous?

Along Pershing I saw the red passion flowers are beginning to bloom:
Aren't they terrific? I always think of a helicopter when I see them. Frequently I've made known how much I love the angel trumpet flowers--I suspect you're a bit tired of me raving on them. That said, today I saw a tree bursting with white flowers that just had to be shared.
Mostly I've seen either yellow, or peach, so this white one is a really special find.

The woodpeckers have been doing their thing on this tree I saw along Bumby for a very long time, or so it seems.
I need to check our oak to see what is happening from the daily woodpecker visits! They are cute birds and all, however, I'm not too keen on them ruining our tree.

It is so windy outside right now, the wind chimes are going like mad. Once the fallen tree was removed last Friday, I discovered that not only did I lose a little metal table, but some lovely wind chimes as well. :( 

Riding down to Lake Conway today, I saw little waves going, something you don't often see in a lake.
I sure hope we get some rain out of all this bluster. Bruce did not arrive home until 2 this morning due to severe storms in the Southeast; perhaps we're getting some of the outer bands. That said, of course I have my markets this weekend which rain always makes challenging. Then too, our great nephew Spencer, my sister Maureen's grandson, turns two, and his doting parents, Rich and Jenn, have a big afternoon party planned. No rain tomorrow! Let's get it all behind us today!

In other news, I was doing a little cleaning, (imagine that!), and came across two Christmas gifts I'd forgotten all about. Jon and Alissa had a camera theme going on for me, including a pouch for my market money, an adorable t-shirt, as well as the little key chain and soap pictured below.
How I set this aside and forgot it is beyond me! The map beside it? I'm planning a little trip for next week--somewhere in North Florida, an area of the state I've seen nothing of aside from our trips to Tallahassee while Jonathan and Matt were in school at FSU. Any suggestions?

The best news to happen this week, however, is the Certificate of Occupancy granted in Santa Monica!!! After nearly a year of set backs, they are finally officially doing business at the Seasons 52 in Santa Monica! This is the last job Bruce has been working on so now we can move forward with his retirement plans.

Now what? Who knows? The daily ride for sure.

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