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A Week of Rain

Around these parts, we are not accustomed to a week of constant rain, and that is how we like it. I'm well aware that in other parts of the world this is completely normal, however, it is not something I want to get used to. We are not talking a little sprinkle friends, this week has been more like a monsoon; it is pouring as I type, and not for the first time today. Unlike some folks in the area, we have had no hail, nor have any trees gone down thus far, for which I am grateful. You know those four events beginning tomorrow I wrote about? Good thing two of them are indoors because I'm thinking the other two may be cancelled if the weather forecasters are right. Then again, we know how often they've been wrong.....

In between showers, I've left the house a few times, each time with my camera in tow.
I was able to sneak in a bike ride yesterday morning, and while doing so, I remembered that my sister Nancy had been asking for some new photos to use as wallpaper for her phone. Regina's garden, my go-to spot, had several of these beautifully colored amaryllis in bloom; I'm thinking I got there just in time because they won't last long.

My plan was to set up my FAVO space yesterday as well as drop some new inventory off at the Polasek. The first part was not accomplished, the second was. I did leave my stuff in Room 139, however, the walls are not yet hung. Just as I arrived, a huge downpour came, flooding the parking lot due to the volume. Waiting to carry things in, I chatted with Will who told me had something to ask me..... Okay. Apparently, in my last post, when I wrote I was loathe to promote my time at FAVO, actually not really loathe, but self promotion is hardly my thing. Anyway, he read it so it seemed as if I don't have FAVO love, but you and I know that is a misinterpretation. I love FAVO--the place, and the concept. The great folks I've met there--a big fat bonus. The air is clear.

Walking into the Polasek, camera on my shoulder, I was struck by this bird of paradise with the blooms nearly intertwined. So much orange love going on...
Plus violet, magenta, pink, white, green, and the list goes on. Just as I was leaving it dawned on me that I would be seeing Pam in a matter of hours and she could have brought them over, but, I guess it was for the best because I got a chance to see what is left in the gift shop.

An invitation came from Cheryl, asking if I wanted to join her and a few friends for a cocktail party at 5:30--you bet, was my answer to that. How could I say no when her house, formerly, Lois's, is only a few streets away? I can do that even in the rain. Forgive me if I mentioned this before, but while I was doing the Gainesville show, Lois came to see me both days which was so sweet. She is a most interesting woman, and although I'm getting to know Cheryl, the buyer of her home, I still miss visiting with Lois. One of the things we talked about were the renovations Cheryl and David did on the house. She wondered if I had seen them yet, and I had to say no. Now I have.
Lois and Bob had a house full of mid-century Danish furniture which has been replaced with modern art, including a large collection of African art, and modern furniture to go with it. Walls were removed, the new carpet pulled up, and the exposed terrazo floors refinished. Although Cheryl is a commercial interior designer, she has a knack for residential as well, judging from the house. The turquoise interior wall, several bright orange walls, with most of the rest painted white, made for a fantastic look. Pam is in the foreground, drinking wine, and rubbing one of Cheryl's two beautiful cats. I really have to admire someone who can have guests the night before a two week trip to Berlin!
Everywhere you look, the African iris are blooming like mad--gorgeous. I need to find a place in my garden for some of these beautiful plants.

A week or so ago, Matt gave me a trial digital subscription to the New York Times. I couldn't be happier with that unexpected gift because heretofore I've had to content myself with the ten free articles a month. Now, I can read with abandon. Where do you stand in the great cursive debate? That article is one of many reasons I love the newspaper!

Mr. Jonathan turned 30 yesterday. How did this happen so soon? And how is it that both Bruce and I will turn 60 years old this year? Rhetorical question for sure, but I sure don't feel like I'm 60. Well, maybe my poor memory gives it away? It looks like a visit to Austin any time soon is out of the question as both J & A are super busy with their jobs, and then comes the honeymoon to Japan. No time for parents at the moment, which I completely understand.

Have you tried rubbing alcohol to clean your mirrors? I suggest you do.

Am I ever glad the plant vendors at Winter Garden have ivy in their arsenal. It had been far too long since this hardy indoor plant made an appearance in our home.
By golly, the rain has stopped, at least for now. Hopefully it stays this way for the next two hours as the man of the house is flying home from California, hopefully to arrive around dinner time. Speaking of him, the retirement plans have been put on hold. Bruce has been telling anyone who will listen that I'm working him too hard around the house! Imagine that! No, after actually looking over our finances, along with doing a budget, the idea has been shelved for a few years. You'll be happy to know that some changes in both work load, and travel schedule, have been negotiated to his benefit. :)

This afternoon I was so darn delighted to see I had two little blooms on my dwarf gardenia!
Isn't it cute? Rain included for free. I love that little star pattern, speaking of stars, I've now had to retire two prints, both of which are painful to do. One is a starfish in water, and the other an interesting peacock feathers. Why, oh why, did I limit them to 25?

Tanya is here grooming Baxter out in the truck, and this blogger needs to make her way into the kitchen to make some dinner for her traveling man.

Thanks for reading! I hope something contained within has made your day just a wee bit brighter.
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